Business school in Hyderabad

  • IMT Hyderabad is the Top Business School in Hyderabad, India offering professional PGDM courses approved by AICTE. We have highly qualified faculty and industry experts as our professors and guest lecturers. We train our students to master both the technical & management aspects of the business. We have 100% placements every year. In our B-school we follow a practical oriented approach in teaching. We have PGDM programs with a specialisation in Digital Marketing & E-Commerce, Telecom & IT Management, Business Analytics, Infrastructure Management, Marketing, HR & Finance. The course has taught me valuable skills which I have immediately put into practice in my role as a Client Services Manager I completely appreciated the course. The backing all through the course was astounding and important. The materials were not difficult to peruse and decently organized. For more details please visit our website.

  • Oh, I'm a master procrastinator then :D "Tomorrow" is the most busy they EVER. It's like my whole world changes tomorrow. Strange, that it never happened…

  • …yeah.

    I was gonna type a cool response like everyone else but everyone else already used all my material and I realized that it'd take way too much effort to come up with something witty and original and I'm way too lazy for that. I'd just keep putting it off and then I'd never end up replying. shrug

  • I was gonna reply to this thread the first day it was posted, but I only was able to get to it just now.

    Yeah, I procrastinate. XD

  • if it makes you feel better Douglas Adams is said to have had a very hard time sitting & putting words together :)

  • @'SinCyprine':

    i open daz, look at the empty space, browse the library, maybe pose a v4… close daz... roll a cigaret, surf the webz... open daz... sigh

    Replace daz with MS Word and you've described my creative process too :D

    I'm supposed to be writing right now, but here I am, surfing the web, distracting myself

  • Do or do it later. There is no try.

  • Yep. I procrastinate a lot. I'll tell you the rest later.

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