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  • giving shapes to my fantasies, i could call them perfections, but they definitly are idealizations.

  • The appearance of any of my characters is dictated by the needs of the story.

  • I think all of my recuring female characters are elements of my ideal woman, some more so then others. As though the concept of ideal is so big no one character can cover it all. I, like most of the commenters here don't there is such a thing as a perfect woman, but there are sooo many wonderful facets that we want to explore

  • I know when I make renders. I'm definitely drawing from the wishful fantasy part of my mind. That's what I do anyways as a novice/casual/occasional render artist. I can see where a more talented and hardcore render artist would want to expand their pallet and make more than just a fantasy woman, especially if they're telling a story. For me however, I just make the pretty pictures. I've only done single pics, but hope to one day be able to render whole series and that will probably mean posing some uglies for my heroines to slaughter or screw, lol.

  • I actually have crated my perfect WOMEN. Not woman. I have several different ideas of perfection, and as such, have images for each of them, but yes, generally I make the women as close to my perfect choice in body shape, if a bit thinner.

  • More or less. I make what I like, but never the "perfect" woman, because that is not possible, there is no THE "perfect" woman. I like to much different things, so that you can build only one girl out my preferences. So I build diffrent girls, with the different attributes I like on a woman. And according to the situation to the pic I want to make, I use the girls which fits the best.^^

  • I like to create a perfect, idealized girl of some ethnicity. Let's say I do an asian girl, so I make her the most perfect asian girl I'd imagine. And if I want to make a perfect caucassian, I do her that way too. Both are perfect in their own ethnicity.

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