Cybersecurity services in Egypt

  • At Ecolog we are aiming to redefine the boundaries of what is possible today in a wide range of applications from predictive analytics, energy distribution, asset surveillance all the way to connected and autonomous mobility. In a world of interconnectivity and integration on the one hand and rising complexities and conflicts, on the other hand, protecting critical infrastructure in defence and energy sectors are of paramount importance to the nations. At Ecolog we work tirelessly to ensure offering end to end solutions to our clients and customers. In doing so we also rely on world-leading strategic partners. We provide best Cybersecurity services in Egypt to know more details visit our website.

  • My PC is definitely the workhorse of my entertainment system. I use my PC to play DVDs (mostly because my old DVD player is no longer reliable). I download anime series when one catches my attention. PC is hooked up to an LCD TV and surround sound. and my mouse/keyboard are wireless so I can sit in the recliner and surf & play the day away. I play on my PS3 and Wii consoles, but not nearly as much as I do my PC. I like to reserve my PC for online gaming (MMOs) and internet surfing. My PS3 I use for high definition, brightly colored, smooth as silk games (fighting/adventure games mostly) and blurays. My Nintendo Wii is for retrolicious goodness (Super Mario Bros. Ninja Gaiden, Zelda)

    And that's how I roll! XD

  • I like listen Music on the radio or in my cellphone, 90% of my music is on my pc, but my pc don't have the power of my Stero Equipment Sony :P for that reason I have a lot of dvdmusic and cdmusic, and I like see movies with my friends n_n especially in the house of Lucas which has a tv 52" screen LCD, exelent quality… ho ho oh
    I play, not as often as before, in my playstation 2 n_n... my pc is only for search music, my studies, and my secret adiction 3DX.... >_<

  • 70% of my music is on my pc, so I almost never use my stereo, but I use my tv all the time, unless its for porn viewing then its my pc :D

  • I still use my TV all the time… but it's hooked up to my computer. :P

  • I used to use the TV, Xbox and the PC, now it's mostly the PC though. Since I built myself a new PC that could actually do whatever I wanted it to I've had no need for the Xbox, still watch TV fairly reguarly though.

  • 98.5% PC, 1% radio, 0.5% else. (im not counting the good times with my better half since i dont consider that entertainment, but life)
    i dont watch TV (i dont own a tv), i watch tv series (ty internetz !).
    since ive settled in a little village a decade ago, i dont go to the movie theatre anymore. once a year my village becomes a gathering for a concert festival. that would be the 0.5%.

    1% radio is actually only one channel ( ) for all the nerdy things my brains can hoard.

  • The most time I use the computer, but not everytime the computer has the main focus. For example sometimes I use it to stream things to my tv or to the home-cinema-system which is connectet wich the tv and the pc. So my computer is the most used thing in my equipment, but often it only assist the other devices.^^

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