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  • Youtube… Tumblr.... Hentai Foundry.... a lot of 3Dx Blogs... and Anime Nexxus Radio or Rock&Pop Radio :P

    Last month did me addicted to "plants vs zombies", fortunately I'm cured, I guess @_@

  • Hmm… lemme see... my usual rounds on the web these days usually go like this:

    1. Check for updates on Affect3D
    2. Log into Common & Conquer TA to get my resource packages and upgrade my bases (browser game)
    3. Check DDF Busty for updates ( . ) ( . )
    4. Cruise through Renderotica to see if any of my favorite 3DX artists have any new goodies for sale
    5. Troll through DAZ3D and see if there's any goodies for sale that I can't live without
    6. Check Jigglygirls for updates.
    7. Occasionally I check in with ZONE has been making some impressive flash toons (I'm particularly fond of the Filia flash toon, I love Skullgirls and for a porn parody it was spot on. All of their porn parodies are actually)

    Then it's onto the PS3 or a PC game for some virtual shenanigans :D

  • … although I don't visit stackoverflow... you just end up there xD
    some blogs/sites about web stuff
    some Figthing Games sites every friday at work lol

    and I spent quite some time on over the last week... didn't look too much at tits though^^

  • Pretty systematic about the whole thing.

    Tech sites to stay in touch with trends,

    CNN to check to see who is killing who today.

    Facebook to see fat ladies talk about their children.

    Deviantart to look at tits, affect3d to look at tits, all the blogs I watch.

    That's about it.

  • For me, I think it's easier to list places I don't go on the internet. Though, admittedly, I don't really browse the net for entertainment purposes ….. mostly just to see where I end up. Just wandering aimlessly. I do, however, have a few regular haunts, but they're surprisingly nothing too devious. Mostly keeping my end of several discussions going on topics like Egyptology (and ancient history in general), cooking, various artsy discussions (though I do not participate in the debacle that is deviantart), etc etc.

    I also have a few ... um ... "secret" discussions that I participate in for ... certain unnamed people. >.>

    Oh .. and I often catch myself spending way too much time editing wikipedia. Misinformation is like nails on a chalkboard to me. ugh.

  • i am plugged to my machine as soon as i wake up, and thats when i dont sleep on the keyboard.
    i dont navigate the webz much tho.
    when i do its usually to find ressources. i usually rattle the wiki but i'm very fond of this particular one:

    also, i get the temperature of the globe (usually sad) & nerdy science new stuff (usually pump me the smile).
    programs i cant see (i dont own a tv anyways) in france, such as


    edit: re reading this i forgot… porn !

  • i'm similar to fredfred5150 in that i feel the internetz is for brainz! there's a great deal of information to sort out on it so i spend pretty much all day working on my computer via the internet, resource hunting and referncing. i go to deviant art, smashwords, amazon/kindle,, wikipedia, youtube, gmail, and then stalk my blogs to watch trends and attack my stats. i'm also trying to make coming here a habit =) i visit renderosity, renderotica and synfulmindz a lot too. sometimes runtimedna. mostly window shopping and getting inspiration for new projects.

  • I view the internet as more of a resource than a home, so I spend surprisingly little time online

  • DeviantArt and youtube^^

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