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  • If you're just learning, it's probably best not to buy too much.

    DS4 and up comes with the Genesis figure, which can use most Generation 4 (V4, M4 etc) textures, hair and clothes. There's a lot of free stuff for Gen4 and Genesis on both Renderosity and ShareCG. Start with this if you just want to get a feel of the app and work your way from there.

    The basics like lighting, materials and rendering are indifferent to figures. There's a lot of tutorial available on those sites (well, in sharecg anyway) and you can also some valueable info here in several threads.

    For a beginner, the DS4 video tutorial set is very good at getting you somewhat acquainted with the app. I believe most are offered as freebies.

  • @'etargetni':

    got quite DAZzled and BLENDERed,

    Haha, nice one :D

    Most people here use either DAZ or Poser, the two are pretty similar but DAZ is free. Both programs use the same characters, props, clothes etc.

    You might want to start off with DAZ since it's free and not that complicated.
    A lot of people use modelling programs like Blender, 3Ds max, Zbrush, maya etc to make their own props, morphs and so on, but that's not really necessary when you're just starting.

    I'd recommend V4.2 because there's so much content for her. The starter bundle is pretty good, you get everything you need + you get Morphs ++ which gives you a hell of a lot of more custimization options.

    It's gonna take a bit of money to get started since you have pretty much no accessories for your characters. There are 3 main sites where you can get your stuff:

    DAZ homepage

    You'll find everything you need on those sites.

    It can be a bit tedious to learn the ropes in the beginning, lots of questions, but there are plenty of helpful artists on the forum that can help you out. :D

    If you go with DAZ there are plenty of tutorials on their Youtube channel

    Lightning tutorial I find useful.


    Content installing


    As for inspiration, have a look around the creative works section of the forum! ;) Also there are links to plenty of artist sites on the front page.

    I have probably overlooked a lot of things but just ask if you're unsire about something. :)

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