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  • Going on the orignal posters review

    Reality was originally created as said script for DazStudio, which was a godsend for us because while 3dlight is a rather great rendering engine it doesn't compare to Lux in quality

    alot of support in this side of the realm, 3DX I mean
    its mostly Poser supported and poorly if not, at all, optimized for Daz
    With no bridge and common support that Poser has, I felt I was stuck with what I could find.

    Reality fill that gap in support with the Automatic Setting system it has that can save your settings for material changes and even share them to the database for other Reality users to use and update.

    Since you bought it already and only for 30 bucks when it is normally 60 for new users
    I say give it a chance
    I hear that Reality is pretty good at taking Material settings from Poser and fitting them for Lux nearly perfectly.
    no fuss

  • Unfortunately, that decision means users with Reality 2.2 are stuck with Luxrender 1 since newer versions are not supported.


    Reality 2.2 cannot use updated versions of Lux, it must be used with Lux 1.0. Reality 2.2 is the last version of Reality for DS3.
    Reality 2.5 has been updated to use Lux 1.2, you just need to download the latest version from our website, in the Support section.

    Hope this helps

    Still in the same thread


    Hi Joe.
    I'm afraid I cannot do that. There is only one source code for Reality 2, which is shared among the DS3 and DS4 version. Each version is simply recompiled with different switches.


    Which in my opinion, is abhorrently stupid. Since DS3 SDK haven't changed, he could simply recompile it to support newer version of Luxrender. There's no need to integrate Reality 3 features. Even Tofusan's LuxrenderDS, which haven't been updated in ages, still work with newer builds of Luxrender (even with hybrid rendering).

  • LOL! I tell people the same thing about Windows XP :D

  • @'jbtrimar':

    It also helps that Paolo, the man you wrote Reality, is always available to help.

    But won't be bothered to support those still using older versions of DS and 'advises' everyone to just upgrade their main app to newer versions. :)


    Hi Joe.
    There is no Reality 2.25. There is Reality 2.5 but that is only for Studio 4. Reality 2.2 is the version for DS3 and that is the last version for Studio 3. Of course it's your prerogative to do anything that you want with software but there is really no way of holding on outdated/discontinued software for a long period of time. The reason is simply that new products, plugins and even content will require features of the new software, DS4 in this case. Operating Systems will also cate issues, as new OSes might break compatibility with old software.

    So, when a new version of an application comes up that is very different from the previous we basically have two choices: a) upgrade and learn the new version or, b) switch to another application, like Poser, in this case.
    Staying with the old, discontinued software is going to make your life very difficult over time. Even more difficult than learning the new UI.

  • Well, the very first thing it says at is "Reality 3 for Poser connects your scenes to the power of LuxRender, the physically-accurate, unbiased, Open Source renderer."

    Going forward from there, though, Reality is a wonderful product that makes it much easier to use LuxRender. I had tried the PoserLux bridge and now that I use Reality, I know that PoserLux was really crappy. It also helps that Paolo, the man you wrote Reality, is always available to help.

    I am still having issues with displacement maps, though. I think that bump maps work better for the time being.

  • Well, it is (and always have been) a bridge to Luxrender, be it DS or Poser.

    I do understand the confusion though. The reason for the most part is due to the way people credited Reality instead of Luxrender in their images.

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