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  • Matt, thanks for the link and I'll play around with the suggested dials.

  • @'Onus':

    Matt, this is Genesis. I removed all reflections, except for the cornea as suggested. Thank you. I think it looks correct now.

    These renders are with Maxwell.

    Haven't seen anyone working with Maxwell before. Always nice to see work with other renderers.

    Yes. It looks very good. The trouble with reflections, at least for me, is they tend to catch surrounding details (nose, eyelash) when and where you don't want it. You could use a overlay texture to control that, but I try to avoid those kind of hacks. Haven't really figured out a way to do that properly, so I tend not to use it.

    For a more aged look, this might come in handy -
    Used sparingly, it can add some details to the face and hands.

    You might want dial up the eye wrinkles a bit. I think the morph is called Crow's Feet in Genesis. Plus, the neck is probably too thick. I usually combine neck thickness and trapezius morphs for a more 'slender' look. You could also try adding some more details/definition to the neck. I completely forgot what the dials are named though.

  • Jim, Miro and Matt, thanks for that.

    Here is a shot with a bit more body :D
    Remember, I want Julia to look in her forties, but still with a good body.

    Matt, this is Genesis. I removed all reflections, except for the cornea as suggested. Thank you. I think it looks correct now.

    These renders are with Maxwell.

  • @'Onus':

    Anyway, it's been a while since my last post, so here is another…

    Looks very nice. This is with vray (like hzr) or C4D renderer?

    As for the eyes, I suggest add more specular either to the eyesurface (if you're using Gen4) or the cornea (for Genesis). Basically, to add catchlight/glint to the eyes. I generally try to not use any specular and/or reflection on the sclera and iris.

  • administrators

    nice character face, full body shot would be nice :)

  • Very nice, but as you already stated the eyes look like they need a bit of work, keep it up.

  • I started a new render of Julia, but immediately had to step away from the PC for a bit; on my return, an hour later, to see how it turned out, I was disappointed to find the render not complete :huh:

    After scratching my head for a bit and on closer inspection I realised I forgot to change my output resolution, which was HUGE!!!

    So apologies for the large pic.

    I let it render further for a few more hours anyways, since I was not prepared to simply waste the already rendered time. I did do a check at the two hour mark, which I thought looked good enough as far as reduced noise was concerned, but since I was about to watch a movie, I let it run the full nine yards :rolleyes:

    Anyway, it's been a while since my last post, so here is another…

    I need to do work on the eyes next. This image is as rendered with no post work.

    As always appreciate any critique.

  • Another of Julia…

  • I've been messing around with getting better shader results with the previous character, but I'm about ready to crack my nut on something sharp and lethal :@; so for now I need some distraction and started to work on Julia. I'm hoping for a character appearance in the mid age range. To this regard do you think I need to do more work on her facial features? I want to maintain a nice tight body though.

    I think I'm starting to get a better understanding in correlation between certain material and render settings.

  • Thanks Sol and Fred.

    hzr, thanks for the pointers to the morphs and the related tips. I'll be sure to look into the bum hole as well :D
    Yep, the render time between the two images were significant and I couldn't tell much difference between them.


    Those two are pretty much essential for me to have. The fingers wont be rounded at the tip but are way smoother looking with this. (You have to dial in the morph to 100% on each hand`s posing tab and then lock the parameter.)
    Also make sure to dial in at least some nail length for females, this counters the blocky fingers look relatively well.

    I also use the ideal beauty : legs package which I only dial in to about 0.02 so that it just corrects the overall shape by the right amount and adds some nice bulging when shins and thighs meet.

    Also, for some nicer shaped butt you should get the Bend morphs by Zev0, whats also working nice to smooth that area is using GenX and transferring the Correction Morphs from the PerfectBooty series of V4. With this you can get a very nice shape to the genesis butt without having to adjust alot.

    And last but not least I advise to get AnusGen from Poison at Renderotica. Not only for the added bumhole but I especially like the morphs it adds to genesis, which is a smooth glute and open glute morph that works very well in combination with the above.

    To the images you posted. I think the lower quality one with a bit more noise wont be a problem to use. I dont thik that ppl who are looking for fap material will care that much if theres some barely noticable noise in some areas :)

    Keep it up, I think you are doing fine.

  • Can only agree with Sol. It's improving.

    –- John ---

  • Coming along nicely, the lighting quality has definetly improved! :D

  • Thanks JimJim.

    I'm still trying to better understand the physical render engine of C4D, so will be doing my renders with this for a while.

    Here are a few more…
    For the first two images can you tell which of the two is a significantly better render than the other; left or right? I'm trying to get a balance between quality and render time.

    A shot from further back…

    I have changed the hair colour and tinkered with the shaders for it as well. Same for face and torso shaders, a bit of fiddling around.

    This is the Genesis figure and I didn't realise till doing this scene how utterly crap the hands (fingers) and feet are. I did not have a fill light from the front, would this have been a better option?

  • Wow, the new set up is a huge improvement in my opinion. Can't wait to see more :)

  • Where time permitted the past week, I've been trying to better understand C4D's render and lighting settings. I also got a second monitor this week (27" budget range) and I can't believe the difference to my old monitor…shite, where I thought some of my lighting was off (and it was) the old monitor made it look worse. Enough of that for now.

    I've come up with what I will use as a starting point for my render and lighting settings. From here I would like to build on it from your feedback, so appreciate any comments to this regard.

    A couple of images...

    Same character as before, but I had to change her hair, which I'm not sure if I will stick with yet. Eyes have had a bit of fiddling to them. Also put her in a new scene where we have a lot of light entering from the windows behind her.

    For now all renders won't have any post work done via PS etc…

  • You're welcome !
    Don't have a clue how AO works in C4D but when disabeling it in Poser the difference is another world and I always have to consider AO and shadows when adding or editing things in PhS. Without it it looks just off.

    –- John ---

  • @ Nerddesign, John and miro…thanks for that.

    hzr...thanks for the feedback.
    I've added AO and a remarkable difference to the depth.
    I was using physical renderer in the images above, which appears to disable the light source shadow options for subdivisions. There is an option on the physical renderer for shadow subdivisions, but I think for every increase in number it doubles the render time.
    I'll have more of a play with the standard renderer as well, as soon as time permits, and get a few more images up.

  • administrators

    welcome and good start :)

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