IB Extended Essay Format

  • The International Baccalaureate extended essay is an illustrative example of what students will be doing after they start attending college. IB extended essay format is, first of all, an opportunity to extend one’s knowledge of some subject as well as a chance to practice formulating strong arguments and using appropriate evidence to support it.

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    Love industrial dance!, also movie scores and inspirational type of music… silence only very occasionally :)

  • For me, personally, it depends greatly on my mood at the time. If I sit down to bust out some work that I've been agonizing over … or have had a bit of trouble finishing, I may queue up some appropriate music to help motivate me. But if the creative juices are flowing .... I tend to adhere to the "silence is golden" rule.

    I have found that a bit of music helps take the tedium out of things that I don't generally enjoy doing as much ... like postwork or painting textures.

    As for the playlist itself .... tends to vary greatly. Having a library of around 6k albums helps, but sometimes I find myself spending more time picking music than actually working. heh. I do tend to gravitate to more industrial themed stuff, though ... VNV Nation ... E Nomine ... Combichrist .... Android Lust, etc. Though I have lately been on a kick with listening to a lot of classical remixes that I did myself.

    Oh ... and the occasional show tune. >.>

    Yes, I like show tunes. They're my dirty little secret.

  • I tend to like absolute silence personally. I think there was some sort of question for that quiz I posted up awhile back about how your mind works.

    I've always preferred silence. Noises just distract me… xD

  • I'm a big metal fan, but when I'm working on pic I usually listen classic or filmmusic, or some stupid videos are playing on my second screen some of this kind where you don't have to concentrate^^

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    I love electronica anywhere from ambient to hardcore depending on the mood :)

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