Exam Dumps

  • If we want students to get their results on time and all our marking to be high quality.” She said the pilot would “probably involve around 50 people” out of its 30,000-plus examiners. “They’ll receive training and have to pass two different tests before they’re allowed to do any real marking – and anyone allowed to mark real student answers will be constantly monitored in real time, to make sure they’re doing it well. If not, they’ll be stopped.” It is not yet clear what proportion of AQA’s 10m exam scripts the examiners in the Exam Dumps pilot will be asked to mark. An experienced AQA economics examiner, who has been teaching economics A-level for 15 years, told the Guardian that AQA usually started off new economics markers with 100 scripts each. AQA said the focus of its pilot would be on graduates and Exam Dumps postgraduates, but it is also “interested in assessing some undergraduates as well to see how they perform”. The exam board has used PhD and PGCE students (postgraduates who are training to be teachers) in the past and claims their marking has been “as good as that of new examiners who are qualified teachers”.

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