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  • aha ! né & grandi parisien, montreuillois d'adolescence avant la bourlingue !

    I've been born & raised in France (Paris too) but i've been travelling for a good part of my adult life until i settled with my better half.
    I pick up english early when rpgs (the pen & papers) werent yet translated, which got me good grades at school.
    Improved with intensive drinking in Ireland (did you know you could speak gaelic provided you had enough guinness ?).
    Rest on the road.

    in fact, drink english, err, learning english on the road & the writing urge got me into translating a short story from Tanith Lee (Heart of the Moon).

  • administrators

    Je viens de Paris!

    how come you speak both English and French? :)

    and yes, congrats!

  • Congrats.

    Always loved Phillip K Dick's stories. Haven't read yours though, since I don't understand french.

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