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  • Thanks for the advice, rep points for everybody!

    I have (with the help of a couple of people) found a solution to the problem, I just have to do all the things neccessary to implement the solution, then cross my fingers :)

    Consider this thread closed

  • So you don't have enough money to keep buying porn, eh? :P

    On a serious note, I can't give you any kind of real advice with such a vague premise like that. Obviously you need to think about your priorities and not live beyond your means, which is a widespread problem that leads to economic bubbles that are crippling when they burst.

    I mean if it's something like donating to some charity because you want to help starving kids in Africa or cancer patients or something… I'd say that "hey, donating your money isn't the only way you can help. You could go out and donate your time to help out" or something like that. But y'know, without details it's hard to say. I mean, it could be something as silly as porn or whores or something, and y'know, I can't really give some kind of clear advice for something like that. All I can really say is don't live beyond your means because that's about the only real generic advice that applies to any real scenario. I mean, if you really love whatever it is maybe you could make some sort of changes in other things so that it's still possible but you need to assess if it's worth it, or maybe you could still do it but not as often as you do now. There's all kinds of options out there, you just have to find the right one that fits for your particular situation.

  • If I drop it now, will I regret it later that I put a halt to it?
    If I pursue it to the bitter end, will I be happy that I nourished it will all my heart and lived my dream?
    If I drop it now for a while, will I be able to pick it up later on and have the same feelings for it?
    If I pursue it and give it all for it, will I be sad that I pursued it so much I forgot to see left and right?

    It´s up to you to decide what to do, we can only give you advice (more or less). But we will support your decision, because you decided it for yourself, to be you

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    I think it will depend on whether you think it contributes to your overall life goals… essentially make you happier in the long term, so not just a short-term gain. If not drop it for now... you can always pick it up again when you do find a solution to making it worthwhile long-term.

  • make every moment of this thing count.
    there is one thing i love too and as everybody else, will definitly lack the ressource to pursue someday: life.
    but i guess it makes every breath more precious.

    hope is an enemy of action.
    while daydreaming of what could be, we miss out on what is.
    should i stop right now ? why would you stop doing something you love ?
    enjoy, and laugh,
    laugh at the grim dull face of the odds,

    doctor cyprine,
    prescribing a hefty dosage of monthy python

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