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    well in my mind poses take a long time to setup in 3D so you want to get more out of them, one good way I think is using camera angles, same everything but simply shifting the camera angle alone can make a huge difference in terms of the overall impression, mood, character, the parts that being focused on, wide angle or close-up, panning, etc, etc… that's one advantage 3D ought to make use of

    on the other hand 3DX is of course the domain of experimental, so you'd be selling it short if you didn't try things that aren't possible or at least difficult to achieve in real life :)

  • I like safe bets. I think.

  • For me i like Artists like Fullytank, whom actually put out whole series at once, It is kinda annoying for me as viewer to see all kind of work either started and not finished, or even just halfway towards the end and then not ending it.

    Though i do also like artists who just improve the field.

  • I am guilty of being one that goes for alot of shots of the same pose from different angles. The reason I usually go for this are in part because I like to get the poses look as natural as I can, which doesnt always work out but more often than not it seems to work. This requires quite some time though, so I also try and make the best out of the poses that I come up with. In my case, this also works with my personal taste, since I like to get different looks on a pose that looks well. This is why you can mostly see at least one or two alternate angle shots of the same poses when looking through my images.

    I like it when artists do the same thing, at least when you can see that they did this because they actually spent some time to pose things well. If someone just gives no effort in posing and still uses the same pose in different angles it may look cheap at some point and I usually loose interest in it quickly.

    What I like most is just going through a series in comic panel style with different changing poses that have some sense of motion to them. I assume that something around that might be the ideal version for most people too, since we are almost trained to like it that way through tv and print magazines/comics. That one is the most time consuming thing to come up with in 3dx however, and I guess thats also the reason that up until now, there is not alot of stuff out there, or not alot of really good stuff, and quite a bunch of really mediocre and bad stuff :)

    So yeah, I guess I would prefer the inventive varied stuff slightly over the pose recycling, but just from what I know about how much time it takes to come up with good results, I wont be upset when I have to cope with less variation 3dx series.

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