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  • See, that's the best place an alien can be….well, maybe a little taller so he can do naughty things down below too!

  • Cooking up something? As you can now see, it is actually up and running, Ambient Dimension can accept SWF uploads!

  • the google drive free package upon registration i got is 5Go.
    the technical difficulty i have is embeding the swf to my blog.
    there is no user friendly direct link to the storage adress and the work around i've found worked for a few hours before the linking adress was changed. then again, its very possible that this is the result of human to mouse error, im such a noob…
    in any case, i'll keep on searching and tell you of my findings.

    found an alternate mcGyverish way to link google drive file to my site. now wait and see if it holds.
    my pinky tells me neph is also cooking up something for AD :)

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    well with google drive you have 1TB right and you can host adult stuff there

  • exploring google site route brings easier success but can only host up to 100mo.
    the fact i can set the site to adult content will definitly provide me peace of mind ahahah
    now trying to link both google site & google drive.
    also entertaining the idea of moving my old blog over there, after all, the files will be there, no use to waste virtual space.

    to be continued…

  • quick update of my hosting adventures:
    fastswf doesnt want mature content, swf i sneaked in were removed.
    now hosted at google drive, seems to work from here (confirm ?), lets now hope puritans wont pich & fork those too.

    edit: heavy sigh down again.
    now, google drive didnt remove the files but the link as changed over night. Admitedly, the method for embeding was mac gyverish at best, so its probably a technicality i cant fathom.
    For the sake of the anecdote, i used the same avatar image on google+ i use here. surprise, it was put down & i got a reminder to read the terms of service: no adult/porn material… come on, they're just kissin ! ok, tits... tits are evil ! you feed babies with 'em ! (no, you dont feed babies to them !).
    But thats the google+ / public side of the affair, i'm going to dig deeper & check the nuts & bolts.

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    will try google drive too (havent they a policy vs Mature content ?)

    well not really, it's not a public system like youtube, it's supposed to be your private files, that you may showcase to others if you chose to, that's why I haven't seen many issues with gdrive and porn so far… but it's google, so who knows :)

  • I am looking to add video and SWF uploads on Ambient Dimension, but need to do a little more work to ensure that they are 'checked' before they are open for all to see.

  • cough i must be getting alzeimer or something, 1000Ko… ie 1Mo. cough
    ill have to check again then.

    will try google drive too (havent they a policy vs Mature content ?)

    in anycase, ty for the support Sol & Sup :)

  • I agree wtih Supro, unless you have a Very long animation, isn't there a way to compress those files if they are "raw", like with screen recordings :D

  • Wait, why do you have a 100+ MB swf file? That sounds dangerously too big.

    Also, try google drive.

  • ty Sol, ill check mediafire as well.
    i got some success with eventho i had to dig the .swf location by examining the code in the page.
    i'm hitting another wall now with that old blog of mine since i still have to learn how to customize my css.
    oh well, i dont want to spend to much time on this; i've found a compromize solution via (unless they end up banning adult stuff ?).

  • Ah, swf, I was thinking of GIF :D
    Maybe Mediafire can work then, you get 10 GB for free and I've seen people upload "naughty" stuff there.


    Saw that the upload limit per file is pretty low for free accounts, the monthly fee is very low though, with 10 GB per file and a shitload of space.

  • my ! that looks promising, gonna investigate.
    ah well, desappointed… files cannot exceed 100Mo/upload (to bad my smaller swf is 104Mo).

  • Not sure, maybe tumblr would work, works for this guy, but it's more like a blog, is it not?

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