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    yes with simple objects poser dynamics work quite well, even hair and such

  • Heh, well I had a look at dynamic clothing in Poser, and it seems to work a lot better there (damn you Daz!). Anyway, it would have been a nice effect for making comics and imageseries :D

  • @'Sol':

    Does anyone have any experience with "DC" in Daz? I've played with it a little but there's isn't much in terms of control. Looks like ones has to buy the Dynamic Clothing Control plugin for it to work properly.

    What I'm curious about it the level of control you actually get with DC, how easy it is to pose the stuff in poses where the model takes something off etc.

    You don't have to buy the plugin - some functionality is already built in. In the basic version (included with DS), you can control what collides with the cloth. Fabric controls are only available on the full version. However, you can also download a set of fabric presets from Optitex along with some items.

    That said, draping items take some time and most often than not, you have to drape things repeatedly. For your example though, I don't think even dynamic clothing will give you the resutls you want.

  • i stay away from dynamic clothing in daz. Even with the plug in installed (vs the demo version) and with the very little pool of items there is, i can never seems to have them look good: they either tear or poke tru other piece of clothing/jewelery (or both).
    After some tests and trials modifying rigidity & gravity & what knob, and not being satisfied, i returned to the good ol' conforming cloth…
    I read somewhere that daz users have it worst than poser user.

    anyways, why would you want to put cloth on ? :D

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