Bali's 7 Most Stunning Waterfalls

  • If you're planning a visit to Bali, I'm sure one of the things that pulled you in was the beautiful natural scenery the island has to offer. White sand beaches with crystal clear views, beautiful green jungles, and, of course, some of the world's most beautiful waterfalls define this tropical paradise.

    If you're coming from another country, these landscapes will be unlike anything you've ever seen before, so take advantage of them!

    The waterfalls are not only beautiful to look at, but they also make for great vacation pictures. And with so many to choose from, deciding which ones to visit can be tricky! Here are my top seven waterfalls in Bali to help you make your decision.

    Munduk Waterfall No. 1

    This waterfall has been dubbed Bali's response to Niagara Falls, and you can expect big things from it. It's been compared to a movie set because it's nestled in the rainforest around Munduk Village. It's genuinely breathtaking, set amid rice fields and surrounded by mountain peaks.

    If you want to get away from the crowds and find some inner peace, this is the place to go because it's tucked away and always very quiet. The hike down to the waterfall is also reasonably fast, so you won't need to bring your hiking boots or anything!

    You can't swim here because the water isn't profound. Still, you can take some great photos and marvel at the beauty of this incredible waterfall before exploring the surrounding area and eating at one of the many nearby warungs!

    Banyumala Waterfall is number two on the list.

    This one is truly a hidden gem since it isn't the easiest to locate! If you want to visit this waterfall, I strongly advise you to hire a local guide.

    It's also a moderately arduous trek to the waterfall base, so be prepared (it takes about 20 minutes and includes a few dark bamboo stairs)!

    Since two different water streams can be seen, this waterfall is referred to as a "twin waterfall." The stream cascades gracefully down the steep rock face, surrounded by lush vegetation.

    Take a cool dip in the plunge pool at the waterfall base, which is deep enough to dive in.

    Tegenungan Waterfall is number three on the list.

    Tegenungan Waterfall is one of Bali's most well-known and easily accessible waterfalls, as it is situated in the heart of Ubud village.

    While it is not as concealed as some others, it is still surrounded by lush greenery (and there are plenty of other Ubud attractions nearby if you're short on time!).

    The water flow is powerful, and many people (both tourists and locals) come here for a refreshing shower and swim. A few steps down to the waterfall's foundation, but it's well worth it because it makes for some beautiful pictures.

    A word of advice for aspiring photographers: since the location is west-facing, the light is best in the late afternoon and evening.

    Tibumana Waterfall is number four on the list.

    Tibumana Waterfall is a perfect place to stop and spend some time if you're looking for a relaxing location. Tibumana has a big pool at the bottom of the hill that is perfect for swimming and isn't too deep so that you can splash around for hours!

    This waterfall is similar to Ubud but not as crowded as Tegenungan, and it is just a 10-minute walk from the parking lot.

    The path to Tibumana is lined with palm trees, making it a joy to ride down whether you're renting a scooter or being chauffeured by a local guide! If you're in Ubud, this should be at the top of your to-do list.

    5. Waterfall Leke Leke

    Another secret gem, this one is a little further off the beaten path and a local favorite! As a consequence, you'll always have a place to yourself, which is a plus!

    The path down to the waterfall is relatively steep (use caution!) and includes a few rickety bamboo bridges across the tropical forest.

    However, your efforts will be rewarded once you arrive at these spectacular falls, which cascade dramatically between black cliffs. This cave is the ideal location for some breathtaking photos that are sure to liven up your Instagram page!

    At the base of the waterfall, there's even a plunge pool where you can dunk your head and listen to the sound of the water below.

    Waterfall Banyu Wana Amirtha, No. 6

    This is one of Bali's best-kept secrets and one of the most stunning waterfalls you'll ever see! You won't have to battle the crowds here because other tourists little recognize it.

    The path down to the waterfall is brand new, and some parts are still under renovation, but it is easy to walk and should only take about 10 minutes.

    Although there are four waterfalls at this spot, the main one is the most impressive.

    It spreads out, forming a water curtain that falls over a big, vegetation-covered rock. This waterfall is slower and calmer, resulting in a soothing environment.

    Take a relaxing dip in the tiny pool at the base of the waterfall and feel rejuvenated!

    Dunstan Kuning Waterfall is number seven on the list.

    The Dunsun Kuning Waterfall, furthermore recognized as the Yellow Waterfall, is about 45 minutes from Ubud in Bali's east-central region.

    Take your time because many stairs and bamboo bridges are leading down to the waterfall, but it should only take you about 15 minutes and is not too strenuous.

    To get there, you'll have to walk through lush jungle and pass a range of smaller waterfalls along the way, all of which are breathtaking in their own right! A cascade of water flows over a massive rock face and into a deep rock pool at the bottom of this waterfall, completely breathtaking.

    The light is best here in the mid-afternoon, so take some great pictures and then cool off in the cool water. What an eventful day!!

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