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  • @'Tiffany':

    If you've ever seen the Diva in The Fifth Element sing, that's Inva Mulla Tchacko

    I have seen it In fact its one of my favourite sci-fi movies, and I hunted down an mp3 of the diva track a decade ago, but one part of the diva singing isnt actually a girl: the part where she goes from a really low note to a really high note was done by merging the voice of a male singer for the low part and fading/transitioning it to the female voice for the high part.

    Go with Christinas voice tiffany, its nicer than whitneys ever was

  • If I was going for the most gifted vocal chords I'd probably have to choose Whitney Houston but that's not really my style. Christina Aguilera would probably be much less of a change but with the ability to sing lol. xD

    I love British accents, perhaps Sarah Brightman? Or maybe Inva Mula Tchako. If you've ever seen the Diva in The Fifth Element sing, that's Inva Mulla Tchacko and she's doing Lucia Di Lammermoor by Gaetano Donizetti specifically "The Mad Scene" but the aria itself is called "Il dolce suono…Ardon gli incensi."


    That is just sooo beautiful…

    I think my favorite voice actresses probably aren't great singers so it's probably best to choose an amazing singer and just wing it lol.

  • Till Lindemann,
    David Draiman or
    Corey Taylor

    Their voices when they speak are like honey in my ears… what a strange thought.^^

  • nice choices so far :)

    I'd swap with actor Sam Elliot, love that guys voice

  • No contest.

    James Earl Jones

  • Three choices:

    1. Malcolm McDowell. Who doesn't want to sound like a charming British man that's also a ruffian?

    2. Liam Neeson. Just because it sounds badass if you ever go to a restaurant and order food.

    3. CM Punk. For obvious reasons, but I'll let the video provide you with more evidence. :D


  • Ron Perlman…
    war, war never changes...

  • Morgan Freeman :D

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