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  • outsourced noc support services

    We don't like to wait and don't think you should have to. Our priority is giving every client the support they need and to record and process Outsource Help Desk Services requests as efficiently as possible. To ensure continuous coverage day and night, all ExterNetworks clients have additional access to our 24x7 Remote Support. Our team of trained experts is on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide immediate help and peace of mind.

    Help Desk and Remote Support
    There are many additional benefits. Effective remote support improves user satisfaction, and by managing most incidents via our Service Desk, our clients reduce the cost of site-level support. The majority of service requests are resolved in a one single phone call, but if for any reason the nature of your problem requires a more in-depth solution, all details of your case are recorded and you will be immediately accelerated to a Level 2 technician.

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  • Ok this will be a major update, i have so much in my head right now thats hard for me to focus on only one project. So i will fire alot now and hope that this calms my brain. I have some sort af ability, i can see usefull things, things you can make art out of it, just cool stuff and so on, out of nearly everything. This kicks in more often these days and all of these things forming into projects i want to make, so it gets hard to have my head free for other things. On top of that TK17 and SFM are more fun than ever to my and eating time… so i hope finish my stencils, Veneer inlay, furnitures and all the Cosplay stuff faster now so i can go back to 3D making.


    just testings

    first project i´ve made so far with SFM i can´t say enough how i like Liaras model, her face can show so much fantastic emotions with so few flexes. I thought of some sort of party the Girls have and to get it to the next level, Juliet telling Liara all her dirty fuck fantasys. And now the girls have enough to drink and a hart Asarian for the "who cums first" game.

    I will get these pictures through a few shaders and look if i can better them a bit. But for now i will get my RL ideas to produce something.

    in honor Katzekage.
    ps. sory no story for the TK17 pictures…. :(

  • Part 2.

    Angelich stand up and wanted to turn around for unclothing herself but Jenny was sitting down and grabbing her Mistress hips, bury her head in Angelics perfect butt.

    J: Mistress i love your butt.. it looks so perfect and from here i can even smell your pussy.
    A:I know, but you need to earn it.
    With a sad sigh she put her mistress pants and thong down, her face only an inch from that perfect ladyparts. Jenny wanted the juices so much and that her mistress was dripping wet helped not realy at this point. Angelic could feel her breath all over her labia and hold in. Would her slave fail her? Was she not trained well enough?
    But she could sigh internaly, Jenny sitting back on the couch. Angelic was pleased and looked through her legs.

    A: I know what you want, but because you´ve been a very good slave and do all i tell you, i promiss my pussy will milk your sadness away and make up for it.
    J: Thank you mistress.
    With this Jenny grabbed her Lovers hips and guided her perfect hole to the tip of the angry locking dick under it. Since they not even touched her Pussy she was tight like a virgin and getting the dickhead in was a challenge. But after the crown popped in she used the weight of her Mistress to push more inside that extrem hot wet glove of love.
    Halfway in she reached the end of Angelics pussy and pressed against her even tighter cervix. With even more force she pressed the butt down. Jenny could feel that the cervix gave in and with a silent scream the rest vanished between those sexy lips untill she was fully in and Angelic was sitting on her lap.

    The upper half of her cock was in heaven, this was the place she earned. Now she could fuck her mistress untill she would make her lover a fatt belly with cum.

    in honor Katzekage

  • @'Mas2':

    3.) Is mir schon klar woher es kommt (nur da heisst es Kazekage) allerdings haben auch

    ich weiss nur keider ging das damals nicht.. war als email schon vergeben -.-! hab also nen T reingeklatscht ;_;

  • 1.) now I want to see that image :D :angel:
    3.) Is mir schon klar woher es kommt (nur da heisst es Kazekage) allerdings haben auch Japaner ein Faible für merkwürdige Deutsche Namen :D
    4.) Sounds really interesting

  • @'Mas2':

    Very nice, looks like she take ellbowdeep fisting as a foreplay.
    I'm curious how it continues

    BTW: is your older stuff avaiable in a more compact way that a 14 page-thread ?
    Katzekage hört sich irgendwie deutsch an, zumindest teilweise. :)

    1.Not realy as foreplay, but i have a creepshot of them with Jennys two hands in her Pussy and her dick halfway up her ass. So yes she can take alot^^

    2. Leider nein, aber kann dir http://g.e-hentai.org/g/537091/1ec5ed328b/ anbieten.
    3. Jo aber eigendlich nicht deutsch, es ist Japanisch aus der Serie Naruto. Katzekage der Anführer und oberste Ninja von Sunagakure

    4. I try to make an update soon, but since TK17 are able to make so much with body and face i make a few chars right now from the "Legend of Queen Opala" games Farah and Osira. I experiment with Tattoos alot on skin textures.. or in other words i try to lern that thing^^ but Angelic and Jenny+Jess are saved so i will make new Pictures as fast as possible.

    Honor Katzekage

  • Very nice, looks like she take ellbowdeep fisting as a foreplay.
    I'm curious how it continues

    BTW: is your older stuff avaiable in a more compact way that a 14 page-thread ?
    Katzekage hört sich irgendwie deutsch an, zumindest teilweise. :)

  • The First Chapter:

    .. and yet another Game was about to start.
    A: Jenny i order you to put your hand on your chest, i won´t lock them but you have no permission to do anything with them. If you fail my order i will fuck your sister instead and will make sure you can´t pleasure yourself, understand?
    J: Yes mistress Angelic.
    And with that her Hand was sliding over that impressiv shaft. Every vein every little contour of her slaves dick was so well known and yet like always so exciting to touch. Holding it, she could fell every heartbeat pushing the blood through it, making it harder and fatter. And with every stroke her slaves moans would be louder.

    A: Now turn around it´s time i give my toy the warmth of my body, Oh and don´t dare to cum… you know where every first load gets in. You better behave yourself.
    With that Jenny turned around while her lover and mistress kneeling in front of her. Grabbing that fat meat Angelic licking all around that dickhead making it lubed and sloppy for the following events.

    On the outside Angelic looks like normal nearly professional working that cock, but on the inside she was mad in desire to wrap herself around it. And with a huge push she got half of it inside her mouth with the dickhead in the beginning of her throat.

    Jennys dick was so huge that even in her trained state Angelic was not able to prevent her teeth from pressing in that meatpols flesh. And her slave was groaning, not from the teeth pressing on her skin but for her mistress throat that stretching around the tip of her dick. Angelic knowing that it would be easyer for her jaw at the very base of that pole of dickflesh. So she was grabbing her slaves ass and pushing her hips in her own face pressing inch after inch in her throat. Jenny was nearly crying from the feeling.

    And than the torture began, with the tip of her dickhead only half an inch from the opening to her mistress stomach. Angelic swallowed in a fast rhythm, like dringking watter out of a bottle. Every swallow forced her throat muscles to milk that long and fat dick in a tormenting way. Jenny would not want to fail her mistress but that was nearly a shut down for her brain. Her precum was milked right into Angelics stomach and her legs were almost no longer able to hold her body. But in just that Moment her mistress stoped and letting her dick slide out of her throat.

    Angelic coughed and struggling for air, that she over all was able to deepthroat Jennys monster was capability that made her special but it was anything other than easy. After she gained her breath again and Jenny was on the way down from her way to high mountain of orgasmic bliss, she could hear her Mistress voice.
    A: Very good, i´m nearly half full from you precum but you obeyed me well so i could imagine you have an interest in punching that angry dickhead of yours into the backwall of my womb?
    Jenny was nearly not able to suppress her excitement.
    J: Yes Mistress

  • This thread is now changed and for everything i do. Mostly for some sort of storytelling with pictures. I hope it will get well and maybe a few of you want to suggest ideas for them.

    In honor Katzekage

  • I found somthing i never finished (to my shame) and i think maybe someone wnat to see it.
    All the pictures in it are seen from you but i think togester with the little story, the combination of pictures ans Miros posts make it woth watching.
    It´s the beginning of an Artbook for Miro and of course Myself.

    in honor Katzekage

  • ok dann manipulator und du kannst mich auch duzen bin der gerd

  • Yes i hope that you do that :) i liked your cumshot in Taras Second very much. :) alway a pleasure to watch them and one onf them is my background from the new smartphone i have xD

    in honor Katzekage

  • administrators

    not a fan of internals personally, but I love the cum explosion :) I'll have to work something like that in to my set :D

  • @'cesarus':

    so nu hab ich alle ihre bilder gesehen und muss schreiben es sind schöne sehr schöne werke danke katzekage sorry wenn ich deutsch schreibe aber ich bin nu mal ein deutscher und hab raus gefunden das auch sie ein deutscher künstler sind

    Kannst mich duzen :) oh und bei allem was ich so mache, aber bitte nicht Künstler nennen. Von mir aus Manipulator, aber alle bilder basieren auf denen von anderen, wirklichen Künstlern.
    (To all things i do, please don´t call me Artist, Manipulator is ok but all the pictures i made are based on others, real artists works)

    So there is what i could do with the new stuff, it´s naturaly not as good as with rendered pictures, but i think it´s relativ good action and even cum inflation x-ray shot.
    Sorry for posting in such long periodes but my life has changed alot. But from time to time i can make somthing.
    Let´s call this micro set "The missing Link" betwen the Sets.
    Picture 1. Bigger Belly Bulge
    Picture 2. Cum filled Belly and cumshot external.
    Picture 3. X-ray shot.
    All Pictures: mostly cleaned from the original picture and inserted a Background.

    in honor Katzekage

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