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  • Sex bots and Teleporters

  • Full "Ghost in the Shell" tech. Synthetic bodies with wireless persona control/ download. Solves a lot of mentioned issues. Health, performance, longevity, gender issues/ every kink/physical curiosity you can imagine, built-in global database (no more having to memorize), and if you're a spook/para-military or hacker, you're practically god-like (thermo-optic camouflage wouldn't hurt, either. Well… wouldn't hurt the user....).

  • @'fredfred5150':

    I want "wearable technology" a real life example would be googles project glass

    What about built in technology?

    In the style of Ghost in the Shell though, not very visible on the outside.

  • I want "wearable technology" a real life example would be googles project glass

  • Successfully researched, but not ready for cost-effective, economical mass production.

    Graphene transistors and spin-torque magnetic RAM. Oh yeah, and optical interconnects.

  • A cure for every single major disease affecting the world today. AIDS, cancer, hepatitis, diabetes, malaria, and so forth. Sadly, that might increase insurance. And prostitution.

    Another thing, a growth pill. Just imagine a quick pill and boom! Super-wang! Or for women, get an A cup to a D in under ten minutes! We can only dream…

  • Sexbots! Fully functional androids that do the dirty dirty. They could use something like real doll for the skin to cover the light endoskeleton frame it uses for movement. It'd just need to have natural human movements programmed and learning software so people could train them what to do. So, like, some form of AI to an extent, and a decent speech synthesizer which is really pathetically developed right now.

    Speaking of which, actually good fluid speech synthesizers would be nice. You know, like ones that never trip on any word. I'd love speech synthesizers of all my favorite voice actors or actresses. Imagine being able to just throw up a video with a text-to-speech that does a perfect Morgan Freeman. That would be so badass, right? Or being able to make perfect dialog for animated videos with all the right voice acting. It'd put voice actors out of a job after the initial recording for synthesizing, but it'd be great for the rest of us… and they could surely get royalties off their voices or something.

    I'd like to see the diamond industry stop blackballing the synthetic diamond industry (actual real diamonds, just grown in labs) because they can actually grow diamond wafers which would throw the world into quantum computing if they became actually affordable, and that would be amazing.

    I'd also like to see human longevity research pick up and confer 1000 years of healthy life to people (e.g. live in a perpetual age of about 20-30 for a thousand years), or even longer... indefinitely hopefully. Nothing I hate more than my own fleeting mortality.

    What else, um... holorooms! And virtual reality. And uh... stuff to monitor my dreams and record them and show them to others. Some of my dreams would make some pretty amazing action movies, or horrors, or... porno flicks lol!

    Oh and I'd like to see the development of 3d printing living tissue pick up, and regenerative stuff that can regrow entire body parts or skin and what have you. Heck, I'd like to see that advanced even further so area specific stem cells could be taken from one person and implanted in another so you could resculpt what you look like entirely if you wanted to. Want to be taller, shorter? Larger breasts, smaller breasts? Big dick? Small dick? Innie pussy? Outie pussy? Predisposed to being skinny or fat, blah blah... We could have designer parts like you could just go and pick your favorite eyes or nose or breasts or pussy or cock or whatever! Gender reassignments would even be a walk in the park and not just remodeling stuff, like actual reassignments at a biological level. Not just that, but how cool would it be to actually see futanari walking around? :o I mean all you have to do is find a hermaphrodite that has both a pussy and a cock, then after you add that you just infuse a much larger cock to the cock part, and an innie pussy to the pussy part, and then presto chango... your average footlong cock futanari. Fun times!

    Hmm, hmm... what else...

    Oh! Terraforming and traveling faster than light - we'd just need to use a higgs field because matter can't travel faster than light but space can, so instead of moving matter you instead move the space around the matter. See, galaxies move away from one another at faster than the speed of light, and that's because space is expanding. So all you have to do is surround a ship in a higgs field then suck in space from the front and shoot it out the back and woosh~! faster than light travel. We could colonize all sorts of neat other worlds.

    Lots of other stuff too... I could go on all day about stuff I want to see... :D

  • Fusion power plants, so we can stop using Oil and stop feeding vile companies like shell.
    Ofcourse also micro portable fusion power plants for cars, so we are reliant on batteries for electric cars.
    Also they generate FAR more power then conventional coal, oil, or even atomic plants.

    Thus meaning we can use more power for our cities, and in length more power rendering :P

  • dna computing !
    render faster !

    i'd dream of quantum computing
    but the horizon seems a lot further

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