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  • You might think about getting Marvelous Designer and use that for creating clothing falloffs etc. You can create clothing with it to import into DAZ Studio and even with basic autorigging stuff it usually yields good results.

    As matt said, its not always great to create clothing pose morphs. With Marvelous you can for example just keep your clothing saved, then import your posed figure to the program, and have the clothing adjust to the pose. This usually looks gorgeous but it of course takes a while longer because you have to import and export between the apps. But if youre looking for perfect looks rather than just quick workflow, Marvelous Designer is a very good tool.

    Oh, of course you have to create the clothes, so if youre untalented in that just ignore my ramblings :D Same as with these hair plugins for DAZ, Look at my hair and Garibaldi. They can give awesome results but you actually have to create everything yourself.

  • I use Hexagon and I think it's pretty good app for modelling. Sculptris is better at sculpting though (naturally since they also made Zbrush). The only problem I have is that it takes a while to load something if you use very large textures. So, either use low res textures or don't use them at all. Another good tip is to hide the faces you're not working on (ie if you're working on an arm, hide the rest of the body).

    However, modelling is only one part of the equation. You also need to learn how to rig clothes to address the examples you're quoting. In my opinion, using morphs to simulate undressing or pulling (which is the popular way of doing it) is a BAD idea. For one, it's static and can never take into account posed figures. Two, morphs don't behave nicely when dialled past their limits. I have this idea of using a more elaborate set of handles to control points or parts of clothing, but haven't got the chance to test them out.

    Dynamic clothing is, well, crap. The mesh requirements for dynamics restricts you from making a lot of details like lining or having different materials characteristics. For example, buttons should move with the cloth, but don't deform and collars/cuffs should be more rigid etc. Oh yeah, in DS there's no way you can make your own. There are some freebies here if you want to try them out -

    In this page - - you'll find a manual. It should give you some idea of what to expect from it. I think this one includes the video (there's also a PDF only version). Also check here -

  • I have also been thinking about the best way of doing those things with clothes, I think I saw one artist talking about making a piece of cloth into dynamic clothing so that you can edit it more easily, and it looked pretty damn good. Not sure how that works or how other people do it though.

    I'm already a modelling slave in reality so I have no time to make fancy props, would love to find out how to make that nice kind of clothing though.

    As a Maya user, I'd say stay away from Blender, the guy that did the UI for that thing deserves a rope around his neck in my opinion :rolleyes:

    You can always sign up for a student license on the Autodesk website, you'll get access to all their stuff for free for 3 years, think my last license has expired but I can still use Maya on my old machine.

    Anyway, I'll have to look into that stuff now as well :D

  • there is a free program called Sculptris and there is another called Blender.

    Your best bet is to go get those and just get to reading tutorials. it's going to take a hella long time to get good at it but it all pays off in the in. i'm learning how to use blender right now

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