PGDM in Marketing Management

  • PGDM Marketing is a marketing management program with a special focus on the role and importance of marketing in modern businesses. Students learn the inside out of the modern business world and are groomed to become highly creative and focused marketing professionals. Marketing is a broad concept with rich career possibilities. One can avail of multiple career opportunities while pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing. Some of the career opportunities that open up after the course of PGDM in Marketing can be enumerated as Sales Manager, Brand Manager, Event Manager, Public Relations Manager, Market Research Analyst, and Digital Marketing. The course of PGDM in Marketing Management can be undertaken at several colleges and institutes across India. If you are looking for taking up a premium course in post-graduate diploma in marketing in Delhi NCR region, you can safely opt for the most highly rated PGDM Marketing program at the IMT Hyderabad

  • Yeah I think the shader might be running amok. I'll see what I can do about that. It might be the human surface shader fighting with lux. I'll play around with it and see what I can do.

  • Looks good, but I dont know if it is noise or if youre having a very strong bump map. Either way, you might try to tone that down as the skin appears very rough and dry that way.

    The pose and overall look is really well done.

  • Next up for my Teacher's Pet photoset. Hope y'all enjoy!

  • The next image in my Peggy Photoset. This should be one of the last images with the sock fitting errors. Thanks to HZR for helping me spot and fix them for future images!

  • Hilarie took about 2 hours of fiddling because breasts just give me fits. It's the two things that take me the longest is dialing in the face and the breasts because those tend to be where folks attention is drawn without using light or pose to redirect.

  • Just looked at the demos, wow those are lovely. How long did it take to come up with Hilarie's design?

  • Yeah I did some postwork on the grool and I think I overdid it. I just caught the socks now and fixed them for future renders! Good eye and thanks for the tip!

  • Very nice work. Did you postwork the pussy? Only thing I would say needs improvement are the stockings, as they are really bulking out on the thighs. Try adding the smoothing modifier with relatively high smoothing and decrease the bulk morphs on it so it gets tighter there.

  • The next installment of my Peggy Photoset. Hope Ya'll enjoy. Trying to speed these up but damn if render time doesn't put a kink in my workflow.

  • Welcome to the forum, don't be shy about posting more :)

  • Thanks HZR! I'm an absolute n00b when it comes to this stuff. I just really started again last year. Before this the last 3d program I touched was Poser 6 and my results were….less than stellar. :-D

  • Hi, and welcome. Nice shots!

  • More artwork. This time the start of a photoset. Not sure how many posts I can do a day but here's the next one!

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