PGDM colleges in Hyderabad

  • A Post Graduate Diploma in Management [PGDM] is a diploma course offered by the institutes that are recognized by the All India Council for Technical Education [AICTE] and which are autonomous and not affiliated to any university. It was proposed that the program leading to the PGDM diploma course be defined as a full time, two year Post Graduate program. it's the original and renowned core of courses that offers a pragmatic and application-based approach to the grounding principles of business. Truly the cornerstone of the Vishwa Vishwani experience, the core provides the building blocks for the rest of your business education, with opportunities to both broaden and deepen your expertise. Ten areas of specialization are available, to help you choose from a wide array of career options. These offerings allow you to explore the areas of business that support your career goals. The PGDM experience and strengthen your understanding of essential business strategies, while you explore elements of academic thinking and planning that directly relate to your targeted areas of interest. for more details visit PGDM colleges in Hyderabad

  • I find this tutorial at last - have done only limited testing but it worked really well on the shoes/boots I tested

  • Thanks again - its the way I figured out. SInce Im only a beginner I thought there may be some easy way I couldn t find out…

  • And thats why i dont use genesis!!! :D:D:D

  • For thigh boots theres really no absolutely great solution sadly. Sickleyield has some toolset which gives decent results at times but its a bit of fiddling around to get it to work and not everyone might get it done, as not everyone is great at the technical side of things.

    If you dont use thigh boots and rather just regular shoes you can always just use the translate and rotate tools, then parent the shoe to the corresponding foot by dragging it into the foot. This means you have to adjust it a little and also lock the toes in place. I usually also create some morphs with deformers if theres something not working 100% on rextremer bends, or add a smoothing modifier and genesis as collision object, but that does not always work and can sometimes distort the polygons on the shoe. The morphs from deformers work everytime however.

    This way you can use all the shoes for genesis and they look almost perfect. Doesnt work with thigh boots obviously, but with regular shoes and pumps it works great, just some work required to set it up first time.

  • Thanks for the advices - smart proping was the only way I could go around. I thought that maybe I missed some clever and better way to solve it.

    Thanks for the video, it didnt solve my problem directly, but I learned something new :)

  • Have you tried this?

    Retain Morphs with Transfer Tool

    I've had a great deal of success using this method. I nearly always use it when I need to keep the morphs on a legacy figure!

    Hope that helps!

  • Well, that's the problem with Autofit and shoes/gloves. There's simply no easy fix - the shoes need to be converted manually for Genesis weightmapping.

    You could probably try this, though results will likely vary between items. Try smart propping it instead. As you posed the figure, make adjustments to the smartpropped shoes.

  • I can't say for sure, never used Genesis but I'd guess that some unexpecfted random stuff will happen when loading V4 things on to a Genesis fig. No idea what to do to solve it :(

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