UK spouse visa application

  • If you are married to a UK resident and want to get the spouse visa then you must apply through the UK spouse visa application. This application would help you in getting citizenship of the UK. It will also help you to work in the UK. You can apply for the UK spouse visa application from your country or you can also apply for the same if you are in the UK. If you had some problem earlier or your immigration, history is not good. Earlier refusal can be another reason that your application can take more time in the processing of the application.

    For applying, you must fulfill all the legal requirements under the law. The time taken for the acceptance and processing of the spouse visa application varies from 2 weeks to 3 months. The duration of this visa is from 30 to 33 months. By following all the rules and regulations, you can easily apply for the UK spouse visa and your application will be definitely cleared by the Home Department of the UK. And once your Visa is approved you will get a message and notification from the UK authorities of Visa Application approval.

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