How to write on your blog so that the content has an impact on Social Networks.

  • The new era of communication brings a new way of connecting with audiences, today attracting the attention of an audience has become more complex, in addition to competing with an impressive amount of content available in different media, but especially when it you are going to distribute on social networks. So on your blog you must write for social networks, you must create content for social networks.

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    In order to capture the attention of an audience within the digital media environment, I recommend the following tips, which will surely give you perspective, so that little by little you can interest your readers.
    Tips for writing on your blog.
    Write for your audience: Don't write something just because you like it, research and find what people like, what topics are useful to the public. They will thank you and they will bring you good bonuses online. Writing about "Octavio Regalado's life on Social Networks" is not the same as "How to design your business strategy on Social Networks"
    Create an impact title: Perhaps the most important element to capture the attention of your audience. Within the infinity of existing content on the network, how can you stand out? You only have a few seconds to attract, that your words are attractive, the title is the commercial of your content. Can I give you some titles that have worked for me? -> « I like: the magic phrase of new marketing «, « How to be a true Community Manager «, « 5 factors that indicate that your Facebook strategy is not working «. The pure title can cause the users of the networks to give a Retweet or a shared one to this article that you want to spread.
    Be brief: Something very important to consider in the new era of communication is that people are no longer willing to read along writing. Be concrete, put ideas, eliminate what does not generate value or what can only be "filler" in your writing. if it is very long, even if it has an interesting title, people may think about reading it later, and you know what ?, they will never read it again.
    Seek to be graphic: Your audience will greatly appreciate the content that is accompanied by images, videos or even a graphic representation such as an infographic has a stronger impact than the text itself, to the extent that this infographic could be the total content in one your post.
    Write as if you were talking about it: Something that produces a lot of impact on the audience is that the readers feel as if they were having a conversation in person with the author, as if you were relating the topic to them, to the extent that the need or intention to do so arises. questions or leave a comment on your post. Make it social!
    Seek to divide your article into sections: put subtitles that facilitate reading, also these well-configured subtitles will be food for search engines, you can see this example.
    Be original: Try not to be a copy of another blog or site, find your place in this universe and give it your flavor. Seek to become an opinion leader! and with the support of Social Networks you will achieve it.
    Use keywords: Although it is a more advanced topic, as you walk the path of writing on your blog for social networks, you must detect what are the keywords by which people search for topics on the network, by including these words In your publication, it will cause your publications to be found more frequently and due to their relevance they are marked by search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. This is part of an analysis of Search Engine Optimization (or SEO - Search Engine Optimization- for its acronym in English), highly recommend you make.
    Check your creation. Once you finish, check again what you have developed, does it make sense? Does the title attract you and invite you to read? Do you tell a story? Did you check the spelling? Are the graphic elements in harmony with what written? If you have the opportunity to have someone else read it before publishing it, do it, it is highly recommended.
    Experiment and keep trying. Not all the content is going to have the same impact, there will be some that you will like, others that maybe not so much, but try it, do not stop writing, you will see that little by little you will take the sensitivity of what is interesting to your audience.
    Analyze. Pay attention to which article and titles, people are paying more attention to it, and there you will find your way.
    These are some recommendations that I can give you based on my experience in this world, I hope they are useful and if you have any more tips that you want to share, do not hesitate to comment on them, the social media community will thank you.

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