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  • @'Tiffany':

    "leg looks stupid" and that's it.

    lol, I showed an animation to someone once and recieved the criticism "she goes from hot to jabba very quickly" :D

  • Unsolicited negative feedback. Like for instance, you proudly show a friend your masterpiece expecting praise or astonishment, having never asked for any kind of feedback, and then instead you get some kind of response like "leg looks stupid" and that's it.

    Like, if I want a critique I'll generally be like "hey can you tell me what looks off about this?" or "hey, which butt looks better, A or B?" and so on… But yeah, unsolicited is the worst.

  • "Internet" opinions can be quite caustic, anonymity + inflated value of one's opinion can be an ugly combination. I don't subscribe to the whole "any feedback is good feedback" mantra. In order for criticism to be valid it must be relevant to the work at hand. Criticism or comments that aren't relevant (people not liking genre, and "hot sauce brands") are my least favorite. They have no value, they don't serve to better the artist or their work.

    Now obviously being in the "Erotica" subcategory I think our work is far more subjective than regular 3D work. We are supplying/sharing things that people will absorb on personal/intimate level. We are going to hear more about things that do not appeal to a particular viewer because of this. In addition, a great deal of people are ignorant or uninformed when it comes to how 3D art is made, which has to be filtered out of their criticism.

  • Aside from trolling I think the "worst" kinds are directed at genre rather than the artist. I try not to take it personally and am pretty happy the piece generated any interest at all. Non-Specific criticism is also hard to address and I generally filter it out in my head. For the most part I appreciate targeted, valid critique as it only helps an artist improve right?

  • In any creative endeavor, you've got to have a REALLY thick skin, because everyone's got their own preferences. Any time you don't do exactly what matches someone's preferences exactly, they're going to let you know. Some will do it constructively; others will call your work garbage simply because it doesn't fit their own "brand of hot sauce" as Hollow Voice put it.

  • What the Overlord and Hollow said are legit concerns. But that to me, is the whole point of doing 3DX. It's to the artist's imagination, the painter essentially left to his own devices.

    It has always been shown that the praise outweigh that kind of negative crit. But if you feel they have a valid point, listen to them. Never hurts to do it.

    When you like it just the way it is, and that other like it as well, why change it? WHY?


  • "Unrealistic boobs" is just one of many variations on "I like a different brand of hot sauce". Happens a lot in art. Clearly, you like 'em that way. :-) Which means that criticism can't touch you, assuming you're making this for yourself. (If you were selling it, it'd be a different story of course.) On the other hand, if you do like praise from others, it's good to have that kinda feedback. Hopefully, the people who like it just the way it is are saying so, too.

    My point - to tie this all back to the original question - is that it's kinda hard to get truly bad criticism, but the worst for me (assuming I ever get around to making my own) would be criticism that didn't have much thought behind it, on art you put a great deal of thought into.

  • Most of the comments were basically about how Lana's boobs were too big and unrealistic, which I'm pretty sure is the whole point of 3DX. But I digress. I'm okay with criticism as long as you have a valid critique that's not "this sucks" or "ewww" or something that's clearly trolling (that's what the delete option was made for :D).

  • Criticism in general makes you a better artist. Sometimes it does hurt in the sense it confronts your (and your limitations), but isn't that the natural process of growth, technically and personally?

    Without it, you will be satisfied with what you have and thus, you won't strive to better yourself. I'm not entirely certain what people mean with bad criticism - is it trolling/booing someone's work just because you don't like them/their work or overly critical ones? I also believe there's still value even in criticism like Sol cited. For example, a layman can spot a flaw, but he/she will be unable to say what can be done to make it better.

    Bottom line, my personal take is that criticism is good for you. Even badly conveyed criticism can have some merit.

  • I really dont mind any kind of criticism. Its better than saying nothing at all. At least if its not just blatant trolling of course :)

  • I hate criticsm that is just criticsm and not constructive in any way. If someone tells you that "that thing looks bad" or something like that and then doesn't make suggestons on how to improve/fix it then I just think it's unnecessary and in some cases just rude.

    If I give feedback on something I always try to give both positive and negative feedback to give the creator something to improve on.

    That's what I think anyway. :D

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