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  • IMT Hyderabad. Evolved from the need for world-class Business school of india. We recognize that the rapidly changing business landscape would require young entrepreneurs to learn and understanding comprehensively the changing and evolving economies with a global perspective. IMT Hyderabad is committed to creating such through its innovative programs, multi-faceted faculty with quality? as the motto and thought-provoking global leadership for the present and future. India in recent years has emerged as one of the leading destinations for investors from developed countries and has strengthened its financial and social systems. India's newly acquired status as a nuclear power, IT hub, and a booming economy has thus brought us under international limelight. In this context, IMT believes in producing and graduating the students with the best finesse of the industry, for personal and professional wisdom to meet the local and global challenges.

  • Sarah by longyyy
    Valorah by amarok
    Lyrah by zzomp
    Jane by hitman: two pix?
    Alys and Jolxea by chimera
    Angelica by rrward
    Dezirae by metalhed
    Madison by craigos

  • When you say "favorite character", I take that as meaning it's not simply the artist's skill in rendering, but also the character's story (to the extent they have one), and what situations they end up in. Given that:

    The paladin - Fullytank
    Pink Pussycat - Finister Foul
    Invincible Girl - Finister Foul
    Syndori - Hitman3x
    Nico Robin - Zzomp

  • Ayako by miro
    Lana by supro
    Lara by GunnerSteve and DeTomasso
    Rina by Metalhed13
    Maria by Zzomp

    thats more a list of my favorite artists, I like the most of the other Characters of them,too^^

  • Candy by Blackadder
    Lara by DeTomasso
    Maggie by Darklord, (love all of his girls though).

  • It's hard to narrow it down to just a few, but some of my faves are:

    Saph by SaphireNishi
    Exotica by Craigos
    Gisella by Blackadder
    Dezirae by Metalhed13

    There are lots of great artists out there, though, and these are really as much of a sample of stuff I like as much as anything I would claim is the "best."

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