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  • Yeah that kind of feature is a Unicorn in DAZ. For what you're trying to do I'd generally get the prop in approximately the right place and parent it to the relevant hand. Then I use the hand pose controls, specifically a light touch with the Grasp dial and thumb grasp dials. That'll generally get you in the ball park. After that it's a simple matter of minor adjustments to the individual fingers. It's a bit of a pain but after some practice you'll have a decent "grasp" of the technique. Sorry couldn't resist the pun. Hope that helps!

  • Well, there was that experimental Bullet Physics plugin DiscoBob made so many years ago. Carrara have builtin support, so I don't know why they didn't integrate it with DS4.

    I think all the necessary pieces are already available (Bullet Physics API and DS4.5 SDK). Rigid body is simple enough, but I don't know about soft body physics (ie your example). Even with limited capabilities, dynamic hair and clothing can be done.

  • Agreed, hzr…

    Well, out of curiosity, suppose I was someone with some 3D-programming chops, regularly attends SIGGRAPH (I don't, but what if?), and so on. How possible is it to write one's own plug-ins for some of this software, if one knew the algorithms (or even just wanted to experiment)?

  • The mesh smoothing is some kind of a collision detection but its really just rudimentary and the stronger the two objects are entangled the more of a mess the result will be.

    If what you mean is collision detection and then proper bends/joint movement according to the collision. This is a pipedream anyways. This would require a massive part of logic programming behind the scenes and I doubt this will ever happen in Daz Studio or Poser. Even professionals would have a hard time to come up with a solution thats really working well for most cases.

  • To my knowledge, there is no collision detection in Daz.

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