PGDM in Marketing Management

  • PGDM in Marketing Management or PGDM is a full-time master’s course, having a duration of 2 years that involves gaining in-depth knowledge & understanding of product marketing, brand building and creating effective marketing campaigns. One is exposed to current marketing trends and the prominence of marketing in the modern business world.To give you an idea about jobs you can pursue, here is a list of various job titles in the marketing segment: Marketing Manager, Communications Manager, Public Relations Specialist, Brand Manager, Sales Manager, Product Marketing Manager, Market Research Analyst, Digital Marketing Specialist, Content Marketing Specialist, Market Research Analyst, Advertising Manager, Media Buyer, Meeting, Convention and Event Planners, Chief Marketing Officer, Promotions Manager, Sports Marketing Account Executive, etc

  • Thank you for the fast help.^^
    I tested your tips.
    And in this particular case, I used Poser, and I only find a option, where poser show my a X,Y,Z-Offset, but when I put this to zero, the part of the finger goes, to his original position, so in th position, where it was when the whole figure is zeroed.
    The I find a otption, what called "restore" and that works, perhaps, it zero the hidden options I was not able to display.^^

    I will remember your tips, when I have this problem again.^^
    Thank you again.

  • TBH, this looks like an issue with not "Bend", "Side-side" or "Twist", but with the X, Y and Z adjustments of the fingers (they're in the parameters where props have the position X, Y and Z coordinates), which are usually invisible parameters, you have to make them visible ("Show hidden parameters" in DazStudio, no idea what it's called in Poser), and zero those, that should fix it

    I had the same issue with the feet and toes of Genesis when i applied V4/A4 poses, made the feet into ridiculous shapes, but this fix, well, fixed it :P

  • I get that problem too every once in a while. Normally, what you said fixes the problem. What you could also do is show hidden properties in the hand to see if the scale is different. Sometimes, I see a part of the body not aligned with the rest and it's normally that.

  • I haven't used V4 in a while but I've had this problem before, too. I don't know what causes it though I would guess it may be a script issue that pops up when you apply a pose, or even a faulty pose. Since fingers usually require adjustment anyways manually tweak the affected joint, which is the one closest to the hand. Most likely it will be only one of either the "bend", "twist" or "side-to-side" controls which needs to be zeroed, but check the translate controls as will to make sure they are not on.

    Do you use Daz or Poser? There might be a guru here who can tell you how to prevent this from happening, but what I told you should at least be able to fix it. Good luck!

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