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  • How is Xanax beneficial for anxiety?

    Xanax is one of the most prescribed medicines for anxiety disorders in the United States. It works inside the central nervous system and the brain. The natural chemical change in neurotransmitter creates a feeling of calmness and rest. It makes you stay calm and sort out your problems. Xanax is a class of medicines that are known as benzodiazepine.

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    What is generic for Xanax?

    The generic version of Xanax is known as Alprazolam. Alprazolam is much cheaper than Xanax and has the same effects. You can get generic Xanax from pharmacy.

    Xanax overdose

    Xanax is a prescription and controlled medicine for a reason. One should never overdose Xanax. Overdosing this medicine can be fatal. Always take the dosage as directed by your doctor. Do not make changes in dosage time and quantity for good results of medication.

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