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  • I would get right back to sleep and hope the next morning will bring me a nice pussy too;-)

  • Lol obviously I'm not a boob man! Vagina and ass are definitely my thing.

  • L.


  • Hahahaha, well said Miro!
    I would've hoped that the boobs would be so big that you can't even see down there for all that pussy stuff JimmyJohn! :P

  • administrators

    erm… with all the stuff you're depositing in your pussy, aren't you forgetting something big and jiggly?? :)

  • Oh man, this has been a fantasy of mine for a loooooong time!
    As soon as I found out I was a girl, I'd be horny as fuck, so I'd already be wet and ready to go.

    First thing I would do is try out vaginal penetration. Hell, I'd be fingering myself before I got out of the damn bed. As a guy, I obviously don't have a vagina, so I will never, ever know what that feels like. The curiosity drives me crazy sometimes… so satisfying that urge would be first off the bat. Hopefully she'd have some nice shampoo bottles in the bathroom to try out!

    Next, I'd try on some tight, tight panties. For the first time in my life, I want to feel a tight, snug fit around my flat crotch. Let's face it, our man-parts are rather awkward-shaped; we'll never get underwear to fit as smoothly and as comfortably as it fits for girls. Maybe I'd try on some tight jeans after that, to get an even tighter squeeze around my crotch. And I wouldn't have to adjust balls or penis or anything! Just slide 'em right on and go.

    After that, I'd try spanking my crotch or grinding my crotch up against things. Having had balls my whole life, it'd be nice to not have to worry about pain down there. It'd feel liberating. I'd just plop down on a bike, without having to worry about hitting balls! Better yet, I'd straddle a horse and go riding, my flat crotch bumping against the straddle over and over again without any pain.

    I'd also try putting something in my vagina, then putting pants on and walking around in public. I'd get so horny having something in my vagina in public without anyone knowing...

    Actually I lied..... the first thing I'd do is try out bigger and bigger vaginal insertions. The vagina is by far the biggest hole in the body, while the penis is nowhere near the biggest appendage on the body. The average vagina is many times larger than even the biggest penis (it's designed to push out babies for goodness sake), so girls literally get to experience more and bigger sensations. Doesn't seem fair does it? Only girls get to know what it feels like to have giant things inside their bodies.... like a whole pop can! Or a fist, or a wine bottle, or two fists... Seriously, the vagina is amazing. How awesome would it be to look at a wine bottle and think "I could have all that inside me right now. Deep inside me, like behind my bellybutton." That's insane! It doesn't seem humanly possible, but it is. I'd want to open up my vagina, push it to its limits, feel the stretch and the satisfaction of being filled.

  • i would explore everything, and hopefully i would be able to turn myself back and forth whenever i want like in kampfer

  • Simplest answer would be … HAVE FUN. :heart:

  • I would totally explore everything… that i also mean, dressing nice, hitting the club, pick up some hot dude and suck his cock and let him fuck me 'cause i doubt i will turn back to normal so in that case if i would like it beeing fucked etc then let nature take its course.

    PS: also i would do the recording thing even if it means i would masturbate later again as a dude to myself. ;)

  • @'Supro':

    1. Panic
    2. ???
    3. Profit


    yep pretty much that.

  • I'll probably go to the bathroom and stare at myself in the mirror for an hour. Then go
    pick up some lesbian chick's and have lesbian fun. ;D

  • I'd go the Fred way :D

  • A bleed-over thought from the topic I just posted in, but the first time I encountered the term lipstick lesbian was in a 90's playboy (they featured a pictoral of a music act called Fem2Fem, apparently they were that kind of lesbian)

  • Spend the day "learning the ropes," and, in the event I am an objectively hot chick, hit the lip-stick lesbian circuit. Multiple orgasm powers demand maximum usage by those that know how: LESBIAN MARATHON ORGY!

    Exhausted just thinking about it… ( - P

  • no cuz even if u r turned in to a chick ur mentality and stuff is still of a boy, it doesnt change, so seeing a guy penis and a guy's body would still be disgusting, i would probably turn in to a lesbian… and about the record part.. NO simply cuz no matter how hot, ur unconscious would still warn u that u r masturbating about urself. (even when u know thats not ur true body).. :P

  • Heres a kinky question….

    Assuming you had turned into a really hot chick, would you record yourself doing dirty things to yourself/her so you could "watch" and "enjoy" it later when you turned back into a guy? :D

  • At first I would be extreme confused, then I would check whether this is real.
    And after some time, I would play with boobs, and the other things I would got (you said chick, so there is more things tot test).

  • 1. Panic
    2. ???
    3. Profit


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