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  • Actually, when it comes to console games, there is another reason their prices are going up, and the irony is that it is capitalist greed that is causing it. And it's NOT to do with the game companies themselves. It's also the same reason so many console companies are doing DLC (downloadable content) after a game is put out. I can explain it, but I think someone else did a damn better job of it here:

    Piracy talk in Gaming: http://www.penny-arcade.com/patv/episode/piracy
    Day 1 DLC: http://www.penny-arcade.com/patv/episode/project-ten-dollar
    Mass Effect 3 DLC: http://www.penny-arcade.com/patv/episode/mass-effect-3-dlc

    All in all, if you are a gamer and interested in the industry, I HIGHLY recommend watching their show, great stuff, and informative.

  • Piracy is an endless debate on whether it's good or bad. Everyone first have to ask themselves: "Why is it that people pirate?" Nephanor pretty much summed it up in his link at Deviant Art.You have people that get financially burned from it and those that benefit from it because of increased awareness. There's also the double-edged sword/chicken n' egg logic about the price of media. You have some that say people pirate because of increased cost, and on the flip side you have those that say the reason why things are expensive to begin with is because of piracy. You then have companies that invest in anti-pirate technologies in hopes to reduce it, which in most cases cause people to pirate even more. There's also limited accessibility as Sol stated. Some people just have no choice. Dish Network did away with AMC so no Walking Dead for those subscribers. There's also people who don't mind paying for something every now and then, but won't always agree to the price due to the quality of a product, so they'll pirate.

    I'd like to believe in greedy capitalists as a factor as well. However, it isn't just limited to buying and selling computer games, movies and music. It have branched off to game consoles and mobile phones and tablets, though the principle still applies. We used to pay an average of $50 for Xbox/PS2/GC games, now with the X360 and PS3 I've noticed games went up an extra $10 when licensing and programming them haven't really changed much, while Wii and computer games remained the same for the most part. Or if a game is guaranteed to do well, they'll jack up the price because people are going to buy it anyway, so why not profit from it? So what's the result? People modding and flashing custom firmwares on their gaming consoles and handhelds to play pirated copies. Going to pay for a particular subscription MMO on the computer? Why do so when you have private servers abound running reverse-engineered server emulators. Likewise if you wish to play one that's been released in S.Korea and not yet in NA. Don't get me started on cell phones and tablets. There's black markets for Android and iphone apps.

    Bottom line, no matter the efforts companies try to counter piracy, there's always someone out there to counter their counter. I don't see it going away anytime soon.

  • @'MongoBongoArt':


    That be the scourge of all us privateers :D

  • Eh…. Piracy is a tough one. As one of the wee little people who is lacking a "non internet dependent income stream" I find myself internally debating it all the time. On one hand, the pirate sites (which shall remain nameless) do serve as a fantastic resource of free advertising. When something goes up on those sites I usually see an increase in sales and subscrips. The downside is that most "sharing pirates" tend to lack any sense of restraint or common sense, and post as much as they can, as fast as they can. At which point it stops being beneficial, and starts hurting business. Tons of stuff posted at once is bad. And it's even worse when it's the new stuff.

    Regardless, any time I see a set go up on one of those sites the "greedy money-grubbing capitalist who likes to be able to pay rent and eat from time to time" cringes inside me. So I generally have to take a moment to step back, let the blood rage fade, and gain a bit of perspective. The first and foremost the reason they are "sharing" it, is because they like the work. So that's good. So keeping that in mind I send them a nice polite email explaining my side of the issue and some gentle requests. And on the rare occasion that doesn't work, then DMCA the fuck out of them! Burn their village and rape their livestock.

  • You know, I really need to post that long little thing I wrote up about piracy. In fact, here it is, I decided to post it:


    In short, I don't think piracy is evil, it is merely a tool. And like many other tools it can be abused.

  • ^The simple answer to that question is: no.

    I pirate all the time, but I don't distribute, and I help with "Brand Awareness" ie "hey buddy, check out this really good thing I found"

    I got a pirate copy of miros Ayako the blowjob, thats how his work (and this site) came to my knowledge, I subsequently paid for a copy of Taras first assignment, and I now work here too, so I've paid my debt many times over.

    I'm not doing that for the 1000's of scurvy dogs that I've ripped off throughout the years, I dont have the time :D

  • administrators

    Not really concerned about the big movie companies, they make tons on ticket sales and merchandise. What I'm wondering is whether the "sharing is caring" deal works the little guys who don't have non internet dependent income streams :D :D

  • my comment is: YAR welcome aboard!!!

  • It's a neverending debate if it's good or bad. Not sure what I think about it, pretty much everyone I know download series, like Walking Dead, GoT etc. Something which imo is totally understandable because where I live those shows don't air on TV, piracy is the only way to see them, unless you want to wait months for some TV channel to MAYBE airing the show you want.
    I don't think you can stop piracy, the movie companies etc have to think of other ways of distributing their stuff. Netflix and Spotify are pretty good examples of nice solutions for that. If I remember correctly The Walking dead is only aired on AMC and GoT on HBO, since that's only available in some places those shows get pirated like shit.

    This is just what I think about piracy with TV shows though.

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