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  • I usually read books when I have the time for it, haven't read comics for a long time, now mostly all I've been reading is math math and some more maaaatthhh. :sleepy:

  • ok im currently reading some books called: the wheel of time, in fact im already reading the last book of the entire 14 series, its a great fantasy novel, i recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy like LOTR, but let me guess im spamming this in the wrong place, who got time to read books when u can read comics right? :(

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    I agree the graphics look great

  • Here's my current fave graphic novel.


    Check out the site and you'll see why I'm in love with it. As a lifelong comic book and geek; I cannot recommend this highly enough.

    GET IT!


  • sry dont read comic i read mangas online :P

  • @'Nephanor':

    Batman (one of the few normal human only heroes, plus the 'old batman' stuff was excellent)

    No love for….......The Invincible Iron Man?

    Anyway, forgot to mention

    Marvel Zombies: yes, I know I'm a zombie-phile, but turning my childhood heroes into super-powered flesh eating living dead was a creepy idea, and well executed

    Zatanna: really surreal artwork in some of those comics, and fishnet stockings never made any girl less sexy :D

    When I was a teen in the early-mid 90's, there were some good graphic novels about the Predator, and an Aliens VS Predator graphic novel (both from Dark Horse) I have fond memories of reading those back in the day.

    The oddest comic crossover I read was Superman VS Aliens, but it was an interesting read

  • I only have read a few comics, but I must say of the ones I have read:

    Witchblade (ALWAYS loved that, would LOVE to see some 3DX with her!)
    Spiderman (one of the cooler heroes because he was the most human)
    Batman (one of the few normal human only heroes, plus the 'old batman' stuff was excellent)

    For graphic novels, two always stand out, and they are ones that are made into movies:
    V for Vendetta (such an amazing commentary, and so relevant now)
    Watchmen (Hey, I do like it, very good story)

    As for Manga, well….
    Bondage Faeries (yeah, kinky animal faery sex!)
    Bleach (I admit it, love the anime too)

  • From my collection:
    Spider-man and Red Sonja (last cover that Michael Turner drew)
    It is an intense mini-series where two unique worlds crossover. And it actually works because of how much Red Sonja looks insanely a lot like MJ. But dark magic comes into play, and Peter's world is changed. Best part? The art is just astonishing, even the story just keeps things in momentum. Which is rare with crossover's like this one. Awesome, and well worth a read.

    Spider-man and the Black Cat - The Evil That Men Do
    Kevin Smith is a talented fellow, but this is a dark series. From exploring Felicia's dark past, and where many people wind up missing because they put their trust in some stranger when they loved ones that care the world about them. And those that take something away.

    Madame Mirage - a 6 ep mini
    The cover doesn't even come close to what the actual character is about. A steampunk future, the city is a mess, but a certain team rises up against opposition to gain their freedom. But the mysterious lady, is she real, or a dream? (And its a fun surprise!)

    Wonder Woman (New 52) Blood
    This new revamp really feels ambitious, and the art feels like a retro 60's deco style. Odd art design aside, its still fun to turn every page, it just feels like it stepped out of a different time. And the writing is fantastic! I always wondered if they would ever explain whether Diana was born or made of clay. Plus just how many Greek gods fell once their people stopped believing them.

    JLA (New 52) Origin
    An awesome retake on the team that saves the world (except they don't like being a team). Its action packed, and fun to see where each character branches from one another. It doesn't feel stale, and the art is insane! (Plus Darkseid decides to crash the party!)

    Witchblade 100+
    I actually got into the series during the beginning, but never could obtain the first issues. After 100, Sara's blade now seeks a new host, with her abilities waning due to being a mom. It was by far the challenging set of issues to read. Plus a "War of the Blades" is an awesome fixture that brings even more wielders from the past, present and future.

  • Sure does.

  • does manga counts?

  • The Superman/Batman crossover comic issues 8-13 where visually incredible, really great art

    (I bet some of you thought I would say Watchmen :P )

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    My favorite comics were anything by Serpieri, that stuff blew my mind back in the day.
    Regular comics I would say image comics stuff like Cyberforce, Witchblade, etc

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