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  • IMT retains the No. 1 ranking this year as well. This program accepts candidates with 4-6 years of work experience. Interestingly, freshers are also welcome, if someone turns out to be extraordinary (analytical thinking, business knowledge). With well-tested parameters like course curriculum, the experience of faculty, placements offered, infrastructure, campus amenities etc., For more details visit Top Business School in Hyderabad

  • Interesting images. And a very sexy body on that cute girl.

  • thanks folks :)
    I agree on the plastic looking handcuffs,..
    I've used them in other pictures and they looked okay under less soft shadows.
    But I was to lazy to tweak the shader here :)

    and if you wanna see more,..
    : )

    this one came into my mind when my sweetheart came home the day before yesterday and asked me whether I could imagine to live in a flat-share together with 4 other women, like one of his students told him she would.
    "No", I said," but from your face I can tell you what you're imagining about it."
    And I showed him

    click for enlargement

  • Really good composition. The framing from the two men in front, combined with the use of focus, brings us right to the two central figures and locks us there. Great textures, too; nothing here looks stock. (The handcuffs on the wall look plastic when I'd expect a more metallic look, but given how long I had to look to notice them, this should not be a big concern.)

  • This looks very well done, I'd love to see a lot more. Nice work on all the little details!

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