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  • I love amazing and well done pinups, but because there are so many (especially on DA) I usually don't take much time to look at all of them. For this same reason I only try to do a couple for each character before getting into some action. I feel like it's hard to get work to stand out by just doing pinups, which is why I end up focusing on more weird/pervy stuff.

    And I do find some 3DX work to be very fapworthy, vanilla or not. :rolleyes:

  • Just discovering new ideas from various artists is interesting. For other reasons? Just to study.

  • I don't actually look at 3dx stuff for schlicking material, nor do I actually use it for that.

    I'm just kinda pervy I guess. I actually like ecchi and hentai too, but I'd never actually schlick to those either.

  • you understood the thread

  • I'm not sur if I undserstand you right, You ask whether all 3DX work we look at, is only that can fap to it?
    There I can only say no. My personal development of 3DX starts with the search for cool fantasy wallpaper, which got more and more erotic, until it goes to real 3DX and these fapping idea came at last.
    But I'm still searching for beautiful erotic pics without any bigger ulterior motives. ^^

    I hope that was what you asking for and that I was not beside the point of the thread.^^

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