PGDM colleges in Hyderabad

  • Are you looking for PGDM colleges in Hyderabad then vist IMT Hyderabad. IMT offers two years of full-time PGDM programs approved by AICTE and accredited by NBA & SAQS. Industry-relevant curriculum, participant-centred learning, practitioner sessions, long-duration internship program, International student exchange program, community connect, leadership series, psychometric assessment, a wide range of elective choices are some of the salient features of curriculum design at IMTH.MT Hyderabad offers Integrative Courses. The purpose of integrative courses is to provide the necessary breadth to the learning experience. These courses are also in sync with our philosophy of understanding all facets of business and give students an opportunity to improve their knowledge of the business environment.

  • Porn is for all us, we should have an open mind if we want to accept it as part of our life and close mind if we think it's bad. and I agree with you Nephanor

  • I would like to add to what Nephanor said by saying that often people who use the word equality are using it as code for "I want what someone else has got, regardless of whether I actually deserve to have it, or have done enough to possess it"

  • I think people are confusing the term "sexist" with "sexual". I know women and men both who enjoy porn. Enjoying porn isn't sexist, it is coming to terms with your own sexuality. The argument that it is demeaning to women neatly ignores two simple facts: 1. The women in porn are there by choice. They obviously enjoy what they do, and are good at it. So, saying this is demeaning says that women don't have the right to make that choice without being judged for it. This itself is a sexist attitude. 2. There is nothing wrong with being interested in watching two (or more) people having sex. The idea that watching it is wrong is something that comes from the puritan attitude that many conservative people have. These are the same people who think it is okay to hit a woman, or to keep them in lower paying jobs or at home with the kids. So this attitude is again, sexist.

    People who claim porn is sexist, or demeaning or wrong are actually just projecting their own issues onto others. And it's always a good idea to point that out to them. Point out how they are saying women don't have the right to choose what they want to do, that they are holding women back from exploring their sexuality, and doing more to hurt equality than any porn ever could.

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