NEW Double Store Release – Labyrinth of Lust & Fantasy Fighters

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    Today’s a special treat 3DX fans! Our store is offering not one, but two titles today made by Insane3D! We’re featuring two of Insane3D’s newest titles– Fantasy Fighters and Labyrinth of Lust! It’s winner-take-all in Fantasy Fighters! It’s orcs versus elves and to the victor… <a href="">Read More »</a>

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  • I would love to read your article. With lots of interesting information, it left me with a deep impression, hope that you will have more good posts.

  • Hi, new to this forum.
    How about a male chested character in the mix with female lower half and a vagina instead of a dick?

  • for me it is kind of abstract pic and it is nice,
    but as S68 says… WIP is splitted to another forum now...reminder again


  • If only I had the back of her head and a bit more images I could the 3d print her head so I could get a more accurate mould, god grant me this wish please.

  • Would it be possible to have the head shots for Tara, front both sides and back please? without these I cannot create her as a whole 3d image to get printed.

  • Ooh she's getting a retouch!? yay I love Tara, but wow I didn't think an upgrade could be possible, Meow

  • I would love the slt file for her or a cad file or files, I would pay for them even, wouldnt it not be easier somehow if you had a real figure to work with from 3d scans ect? wonder if somehow they can be implemented into the animations and used in some way, interesting

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    yes, I use the sculpting to fine tune the posing, basically I create corrective morphs for every position, without it the sex would look horrible (as far as I'm concerned), because the hip area being the most import also looks the worst for Daz chars when any decent amount of bending is involved, also having the gens interact properly requires corrective morphs

  • Could you please tell me more about the "you can't create decent sex positions (especially animation) without it" part? I thought zbrush use only for sculpting. How do you incorporate it on the animation part though? I remember I saw your WIP vid and you went back and forth between poser(?) and zbrush to adjust/sculpt models. Was it like you do sculpt adjusting every time you create a new sex position that it become part of the animation process?

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    zbrush (or similar) is about as essential as the poser/daz, you can't create decent sex positions (especially animation) without it, as far as I'm concerned

    pixologic has basic tutorials on their site, from there you can learn specifics either via youtube videos (search for a specific tutorial on a specific tool) or digital tutor… zbrush isn't that difficult after a days worth of tutorials and getting used to their navigation/ interface (quite different to other 3D progs)

  • I'm currently teaching myself some Zbrush. It's a program that I've long wanted to get to hang of. What tutorials would you recommend?

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    This may sound like a silly question, but did you do custom sculpts on their feet? Both your girls have some really pretty toes!

    yes, I did actually, both girls have custom zbrushed feet :)

  • This may sound like a silly question, but did you do custom sculpts on their feet? Both your girls have some really pretty toes!

  • @'ljhp09013':

    Where can I find Tara WIP v.0.4 or 0.5?

    You can find it on this thread

  • Where can I find Tara WIP v.0.4 or 0.5?

  • so it would seem you always work with your audience' feedback to create content, more power to you

  • Its really awesome. I followed your advice and got poser. I'm really curious on how you got this. Could you maybe give me a little workflow explanation?

  • I like it very much!!!

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    heh, she's changed so much since version, check out Tara's Assignment 3 for the latest :)

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