PGDM in Marketing Management

  • IMT School of Business Studies offers PGDM in Marketing, which is a 2-year full-time post-graduate diploma course and the eligibility to seek admission to this program is a graduation degree in any course with an aggregate mark of 50% marks or above. It is a two-year full-time marketing programme which is duly approved by AICTE, India.PGDM Marketing management programme with a distinct emphasis on the role and importance of marketing in modern businesses. Students get to learn the inside out of the contemporary corporate world and are trained to become highly creative and focused marketing professionals. Marketing is a comprehensive concept with a plethora of career potentials. One can avail manifold career opportunities while pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing.

  • Yea and where is the "dirty talk" in Elvish? that would be hot :D

  • @'Jake31':

    There are little to none as far as elves go in regular pornography.

    I am intrigued by your ideas and wish to subscribe to your newsletter. Elves need to be in porn more. And in my bed. Where's Liv Tyler with her pointy ears when you need her?

  • nearly everything is possible in 3dx, eveything can imagine and sometimes things are there you never wanted to imagine
    you will never find such perfect girls in real world who would do all these things, and I think it would be hard to find a troll or a minotaur, or something similar you have in your mind, in real world.^^

  • ^ lol

  • There are little to none as far as elves go in regular pornography.

  • My interest boils down to 2 things.

    1. the ability of artists to create seriously beautiful women

    2. the aforementioned mentioned beautiful women can (and will) do anything the artist, or person commissioning that artist, thinks of

  • A mixture of all three things you mentioned but mostly just the freedom that comes with being able to make whatever you want (most of the time anyway)

  • Simple, there wasn't enough of porn of dragons on elves.

  • For me I think it's that you can do whatever you want, create any characters you want, any stories you want etc, let your imagination run wild :D

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