How Do I Replace Old Garmin Updates With The Latest Release?

  • Are you looking forward to updating the older Garmin Updates to the latest release? Below are the simple steps that you should implement to do so successfully.

    1. First of all, you need to make use of the USB capable to connect your Garmin device to your PC.
    2. Then, you need to download and install the Garmin Express into your computer.
    3. Next, you should access the update by choosing the ‘Add a device’ and then ‘Select All’ option.
    4. After the successful downloading of map updates, you should disconnect your device.

  • I consider them as toys for the most part.
    Still bought a Galaxy S2, after the battery of my old mobile phone survived roughly 5 calls…
    You can do all the fancy internet stuff... I sometimes look at websites and complain about the responsive design, or lack thereof lol
    Syncing your calendar is somewhat useful.
    Playing games is crap imo, since all games I played suck and drain the battery waaay too fast.
    Navigation features and checking public transport connections came in handy while traveling.

    And you can always take pictures of your lunch... that's oviously extremely useful:P

  • Yeah, well Apple have contributed a lot. However they haven't really invented anything, they have just taken things other people have developed, put them together, patented it and sue the crap out of everyone else.

    None the less the iPhone changed a lot, I just don't like Apple's style about taking things that already exists and claiming it as their own. Seriously, they are suing companies for having tablets with curved edges :rolleyes:

  • I have my iPhone 5, the first smartphone I ever owned. This is my LIFELINE! I check email when I am not at home, tweet with it, set reminders for myself, use the GPS to figure out where I am going, check all sorts of things. It is literally my mobile connection to the world. I am shocked at how quickly I started getting used to having it, and now how much I rely on it. It is also my portable iPod, portable gameboy, and heck, my service provider even lets me watch 10 hrs of TV on it mobile, so I can watch up with some of my fave shows if I have a long bus trip. The QR code reader is very useful, I stopped carrying a lot of loyalty cards and have them all in an app called CardStar, it acts like a flashlight, can remotely be a mouse for my computer, I can check my bank account on it (love that my bank has an app) and goodness knows I use the calculator on it a lot.

    To be honest, I think we can all agree, that while some people don't get full use out of their smartphones, those that do, have a LOT to be thankful to Apple for. Sure, people make jokes about Apple and all their releases and updates, and their cost, or whatever reason you may have. But look back to what phones were before the iPhone. They were JUST phones. There were some attempts to merge Palm and phones, but they were clunky, expensive and not very usable. Apple changed the game and turned the entire cell industry on it's head.

  • I guess that kinda depends on what you mean by smartphones?

    I've used a lot of mobile devices from Palm OS PDAs, Symbian early phones (Sony's P800, Nokia's Communicator series but not the Psion ones). Even tried the HP 200LX - which is really a palmtop PC (runs DOS on an Intel 8088 compatible CPU). From my point of view, smartphones todays are actually a step backwards in function.

    With my Palm Vx, I can do a whole of stuff like FTP, telnet or host a web server and used it for a full week on a single charge. Standby time was about a month. Looking up addresses, appointments and a lot of other things are quicker and simpler (love the programmable hardware buttons). Response time is instantenous, without all the unnecessary whistles and transitions. And guess what, even then you can run multiple apps and multitask.

    Seeing how devices have progressed from those early days, I haven't found a platform that's as quick, simple and easy to use with just one hand. I'm still using my Nokia E51, a Series 60 device (yes, it's quite old and not really a smartphone) since it's the only device I've seen and used that's very close to what I want in a mobile platform. I hate virtual keys since they can never offer the tactile feedback of physical keys and can't stand Blackberrys.

    I think most mobile platforms today are all about style and less about function. For me, a rudimentary cellphone with PC connectivity combined with a PC is still the best way to go.

  • I have a Galaxy S2 and I love it. Except using it for the normal stuff as texting, calling etc I use it for checking mails, Skype, games (of course :D), surfing etc. But I'm just a poor student, I don't use it to it's full potential.
    In my defence I can say that I used smartphones even before it was cool! :P But those old windows phones were just pissing me off, never working properly with mails, and even simple texting.

    Basically I think that todays smartphones make everything more accessible, which is pretty neat. They are indeed a lot smarter and faster now, hell the GPS in mine actually shows where I am for once and all the seem to be running smoothly even with a lot of them running at the same time.

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