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  • Generally, jitter occurs when the pose and IK push the rotations all the way to the limit. Turning off limits might help, though it can result in odd looking limbs.

    I think the only solution is to keyframe the animation, but just for the troubled limbs (left collar, shoulders, forearm).

    Casual made some very helpful tools in tweaking animations -

    I don't know whether or not such scripts are available for Poser though.

  • Hmm, can you try to keyframe the hand and remove the IK with the hand still in the same spot so you could adjust the jitters?

  • @'jbtrimar':

    I know it would be a pain, but can you keyframe it?

    As in adjust each individual frame? Yep, pain the ass. if you partially key frame it (say, every 4th frame), the arms may just jump around elsewhere.

  • I know it would be a pain, but can you keyframe it?

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