Best b Schools for Finance in India

  • PGDM-finance has been designed for eligible students to enhance their comprehensive and well roundup curriculum on various aspects of financial management such as working capital management, international finance, and mergers acquisitions among others. PGDM-finance course will help the students own their knowledge of their duties and responsibilities of financial managers in an organization. Finance is a really huge sector with the history of thousands of years. Generally, careers include in finance management is asset management, retail banking, financial advisory and planning, taxation, corporate finance, investment banking, risk management, equity analyst, business analyst, sales and trading, personal finance, insurance etc.To know more details visit Best b Schools for Finance in India

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    interesting look to it, let us know when you're done

  • Looks nice. The toon style with the high contrast gives a very nice film noire style to it. Toning it down a little on the skin would look better though I guess. On everything else its looking very good.

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