• The difference between MBA Vs PGDM is M.B.A refers to Master of Business Administration. It is a degree that is conferred on completion of a two to the three-year management program. It is granted by a University or an institution that is affiliated to the University. On the other hand, P.G.D.M. stands for a Post Graduate Diploma in Management. It is a diploma course of one to two years and is granted by an autonomous institution. Many people do not understand the difference between an M.B.A. program and a P.G.D.M. program. People often relate the difference with the values associated with both and conclude that a degree is always better than a diploma. However, the main difference between them lies in the affiliation of the institutions offering these programs.

  • I don't usually watch sports on TV, but before I enjoyed watching UFC with my cousin :) and of course I like to watch the matches of the Argentina football team :) , hoo how I suffer in the world cup :(

  • I, too, am a big fan of Mixed Martial Arts. Not so much boxing, I really prefer the art of takedowns, and the types of defense the best fighters put on. It's really the only sport I follow regularly.

  • You would think that, but it's not that simple. The fighters who adapt and learn various styles survive. Just knowing kung fu or karate is not enough. Those who had a strike game but no grapple were the ones that don't last long.

  • Re. MMA

    Maybe its because I've done a real martial art in my life, but I don't like the "dilution" of the fighting arts that MMA represents.

    I reckon a real taekwondo/jujitsu/karate/kung fu expert could step into an MMA ring and destroy ever other fighter

  • I rather combat sports than team sports. MMA and Boxing are the main sports I watch (and no, I don't consider wrestling a sport). It's mainly due to the fact that I grew up watching boxing and it's still enjoyable to me (though not as much). With MMA, it's kinda like chess. Your opponent will screw up, which gives you the opportunity to win. But if they recover while you're left open, you're screwed. I also like the fact that it's a safer sports than, say, football due to them working to protect their fighters.

  • I haven't worked out in a while, mostly becuase studying takes up most of my time. My only exercise right now is pretty much plowing my way thru all the snow on my way to the university :D

  • Tennis, especially Ladies tennis ;)

    I get hypnotized watching Snooker on TV, but most won't call that a sport

    I havent watched it in a long time, but I used to enjoy watching American Football

    To do?

    I was ok at 400M running at school, I was even asked to represent the school at competitions, but I was too lazy for that :D

  • Curling, the sport of Kings.

  • To watch? MMA.

    To play or do? Fencing. Played B-Ball from 7 to 14 in park leagues and ran X-Country and Track in High School.

  • Basketball. I also used to play at Bayer Leverkusen at youth level till I was 25 or so, not professionally though :)

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