PGDM colleges in Hyderabad

  • In India, IMT Hyderabad is one of the best PGDM Colleges in Hyderabad. Our PGDM programs are approved by AICTE and accredited by SAQS and NBA and have MBA equivalence issued by Association of Indian Universities (AIU) The PGDM program structure is based on the trimester system, where each trimester is of 10 weeks of instruction followed by 1 week of the comprehensive examination. The intervening period between the first and second year is the summer term of about 4 months duration. During the summer term, students can opt for Internship (IP) or Student Exchange Program (SEP) or pursue management thesis and seminars (MTS). MTS is designed for those who want to build a career in research fields. The PGDM Programs at IMT Hyderabad adDress the varied aspirations of the students by offering a large variety of electives.

  • Good idea behind it, and I am sure that unity as a plattform for some more interactive content will be a great choice for the future.

  • Haven't tried it, but I think I saw a couple of reviews of it a while back and everyone said it's hard as f*ck. I like the graphics a lot though. :)

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