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  • PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) is a diploma Graduation offered by the institutes that are recognized by the AICTE - All India Council for Technical Education. PGDM Course with the list of Specialization available for a particular stream. Some of the Business Schools also offers PGDM Course. The Course helps to deal with the mindset on contemporary management issues and strengthen student ability to manage complex national or international Business environments. To know more details visit PGDM colleges Hyderabad.

  • I was wondering the same thing, I have been trying out DAZ3D 4.5 for a few days. I find it interesting just how many tweaks the engine is capable of.Curious about V4MM

  • RuntimeDNA has them as a zero price item, I think. It's called Outfitter, if I remember correctly.

  • Yeah, about the clothing converter, where can I pick that up? I have only been using V4WM for nude shots because of the clothes.

  • Thanks a bunch for the insight. Looks like they've all got their pros and cons. I don't feel so bad now on passing up on Genesis and Dson when it was on sale a while back.

    I should add that one thing I like about V4WM is that with the clothing converter that comes with pretty much anything you can use on V4, you can use on V4WM.

    That said, we'll see what gets developed in future. My kingdom for a pliable and properly bending poser figure!

  • Some other points to consider.

    Although both have been here for quite a while, Genesis have more support than V4 WM. By this I mean more developers/vendors (DAZ do have their own paid devs while V4 WM is a community effort) and artists. I generally don't see that much content/renders using V4 WM outside of RuntimeDNA. You could probably found some in Renderotica and Renderosity, but I generally see people sticking to default V4s (which is painful to see)

    Granted, even Genesis content pales in comparison to V4.

    Overall, I think Genesis is better not because of the figure, but by the tech DAZ have put behind it - DS4.5. Things like the smoothing modifier and the ability for any clothing to follow any morph dialled in is great for artists and vendors alike. The Content Creation Tools is much better than writing Poser code yourself with any utility. Don't forget Geografting, which sadly is stiffled by strict licensing issues. The most sour point of DAZ for some - documentation - have also been somewhat addressed. I was tempted to buy Poser 9 when it was offered at a discount, but the lack of 64 bit support (you have to get Poser 2012 for that) just killed it for me.

    Is it good? At default, hell no. You still have to deal with a lot of crap to fix things, which is why there's still fixes for Genesis hzr mentioned. But with Genesis and DS4.5, clothing will follow those fixes without artists having to fiddle with dials or code. Left over pokethroughs can be dealt with by the smoothing modifier. It's not perfect as a custom built JCM, but it can be enough for most.

    Is it what you need? You alone can answer that. For some it's OK or great, while for others not so much and there's also people who really hate it. If you're a Poser 9/2012 user, you have access to both so you could probably try them out yourself.

  • It really depends on which shapes youre using with Genesis. The gen5 shapes all bend a little different as some of them have their own extra jcms for a few bends, while the V4 shape comes relatively close to normal V4, it still has the problems that matt mentioned.

    The feet on genesis are usually not that great, but you can work around that quite well for 90% of the poses with some fix morphs, or also by dialing the Hitomi shape at around 40%, which also helps alot with the butt bending btw :)

    Just from the image you have posted I think the shoulders and neck doesnt look so good and from what little time I spent playing around with it, the leg bending in non extreme angles looked very good, although when you got to the more "interesting" angles which 3dx artists would go for, it doesnt look too great.

    If youre a poser user, I would probably still go with V4WM for now and just have a look at how genesis improves over time. I did not like the figure at release, but they updated things over time, added new shapes, fix morphs got released so after a while I got to like it better. Genesis just has a big advantage and thats a relatively good amount of people using it and also creating custom fixes. Its not as much as V4 yet but I guess over time, this will go more and more in the favour of genesis. For V4WM, its hard to say because you probably only really know about it if you are looking for something different.

    On V4 I preferred Beautiful Bends, but added some of the Meipe/Xameva morphs into the mix. The legs at a smaller morph strength seemed to work quite well for example, also shoulders.

  • I don't use Poser, so I mainly based my opinion on what I've seen. I do have DS4 and DS4.5 with V5 and M5.

    I will say that both are better than old Gen4, but both also have some things I really don't like. Generally, I hate both their knees. V4 WM's feet is much better than Genesis (whatever morphs you use with it). Shoulders are generally better with Genesis, just as long as they're posed. On some poses though, she still looked like a quarterback with shoulderpads. I dislike the elbows on V4 WM - it doesn't seem to retain the same volume when posed. Both have different bone structures compared to V4, so you'll need to do learn how to best apply a certain pose.

    I don;'t know about V4 WM, but bending the thighs forward and out still makes the hip/butt area look awful.

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