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  • I wonder why no one has said the one thing I expected to be good about Japan. Might as well do it myself. :P

  • I have heard tales from friends of mine that are journalists. But it was just like ordinary life for them after awhile. Its just the strangeness in what was in their neighborhood that made the quest worthwhile. We are so different, its amazing what they find normal, and what we don't. And the censorship ordeal, that was on all sorts of media. From storytelling, animation, and music. Maybe we're not that different after all.

  • hummmm…

    good things: a clean country, FUTA hentai, some weird hentai, FUTA hentai, a country with discipline, FUTA hentai, anime/manga, FUTA hentai, beautiful place to visit, FUTA hentai, a peaceful country, FUTA hentai, ramen, FUTA hentai, their High tech and the perfection of their quality and FUTA hentai.

    bad things: some OTHER weird hentai and other weird random stuffs, the violation/groping in public transport, and last paying the visit to their monument of WWII and revising history.

    ps: since i have never been in japan myself most of it is conclusion by news :P

  • Best: Fighting Games obviously!!!

    Worst: Seems they eat weird noodle dishes

  • Best thing: Ninjas and the Martial Arts in general

    Worst thing: General weirdness

  • Ok, I'll be serious now.

    I lived in Japan from the begining of 1989 to the end of 1991. Three years is a good enough time to understand a people and their culture. Believe it or not, the island of Honshu and the Japanese people themselves, except for the war effort, were fairly "medieval" during WWII. After the war and the complete destruction of their economy and technical prowess, Japan was in a fairly lucky position (although they may not have thought so at the time) to start from scratch. And what a scratch to start from! They got to be a modern society withought having to do any of the research.

    Now, today, we all benefit from this. Amazing electronics, wonderful pop culture products, and a way of life, if you decide to go that way, of honor and sacrifice. I thoroughly loved my time in Japan. I could leave my wallet on my car go inside and come down the next day and it would still be there, nothing touched.

    Back in the day when they were deciding how to censor pornography, it was decided that maintenance of a minimum standard of morality concerning sexuality was the way to go. Thus the censorship we see. This was decided in 1950. 63 years later they still go by that decision, with a little bit of relaxing of the showing of pubic hair (in case you were wondering why JAV Idols were so hairy down there, now you know).

    What I love about Japan? Their culture and their outlook to the future. What I don't like? Article 175 of the Japanese Penal Code.

  • I cannot think of any cons. But that is probably because I am Japanese. Wait, no… I take it back. I can't really hang with Futa.

    Pros - Black Gals, bukkake, tentacles, wasabi, samurai movies, Elder porn, anime, hentai, ecchi, cuttle fish, nori, shoyu, Umemaro3D (tm), ps3... Honestly I could keep going on and on.

  • This.

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