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    Programming Assignment Help

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  • fred praised me!!! sooon ill make him praise for futa :P

  • @'myself':

    dunno but i prefer evil looking girls, :P

    At least theres one person here who understood the premise of the thread :)

  • dunno but i prefer evil looking girls, :P

  • administrators

    Ermmm … when I'm thinking Good vs Evil I certainly don't relate that to sexual expression of a woman, lol.

    If we're talking good and evil as in positive, well tempered vs negative, pessimistic and abusive then I'd always go for the good girl.... I would consider the evil girl for casual sex though... as long as she doesn't cast as death spell on me and has big boobs, haha :D

    If we're talking girl next door vs porn star then it's down to looks, personality and how much "love she's willing to give"... well we know the porn stars stance on this, which is a good start, lol :D

  • Umm….neither of those ladies for me. Give me Emma Stone or Christina Hendricks any day.

    Although I can see the psychological standpoint of it, I actually don't think, at least for me, it has to do with economy. Maybe from a societal standpoint, but even then, I am not so sure. For me, the allure of the dark is part of it, and as we all strive to be good people the dark is still there, enticing us. And that makes it sexy.

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