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  • I think the overabundance of easily accessible porn is a big factor in this, heres an example.

    This afternoon I discovered a new favourite pornstar, and so I did what I'm sure we all do in that situation, went hunting for more of her scenes :D

    And after watching a 1 hour (!) compilation containing 100 cumshots (which I found in like 3 seconds) not only was I sick of seeing her, but also slightly nauseated :(

    Back in the old days (before tubesites and abundance of filesharing sites and torrents) I dont think I would have seen as much of this girl in a year as I managed to see in one day.

    Dunno if the above says more about me than it does about the thread subject

  • You can also add in:

    Deaths by weed - O.o

  • administrators

    Sure porn can be addictive and should be consumed in a balanced way…. like pretty much any other thing in this world.

    Porn is like a drug? ... lol
    The drug analogy is flawed, whether drugs are good or bad is another story, but drugs alter your mind. Watching sex scenes is a form of entertainment, it does not alter your mind. As such Porn is more like too much gaming, yes it can be bad for you, but we know it's not the games fault and we don't ban games just because some people get addicted.

    Porn is harmful... let's see US stats p/year approx. (wikipedia)
    Deaths by eating addiction - 100,000 - 300,000 (would have thought this was higher actually)
    Deaths by alcohol - 75,000
    Deaths by smoking - 150,000
    Deaths by masturbation - LOL

  • Jejeje :) I think all addictions are bad, and have their consequences, :( everything should be consumed with moderation: food, alchool, games, technology, work, tattoos :p and a lot of things

    less the 3dx of course n_n

  • I have a policy of "download one….delete one" when it comes to porn, hard to get addicted when you do that.

    after all what drug addict would willingly throw away some of their stash :)

  • I have a real problem with questions like this because the word "addiction" is thrown around an awful lot, and people don't give it as much thought as they should. Someone can really like something, indulge in it a lot, and not be addicted, from a clinical standpoint, but others will say they are addicted, simply because they don't feel the same attraction to it. Take for example, online multiplayer gaming. I probably spend a couple hours a day playing. Am I addicted? Nope, not at all. In fact, I take breaks quite often, am usually doing other things at the same time, and don't really pay it much mind unless I am doing something with friends in the game. Family members, on the other hand, see me playing all this time, don't understand the game, and think I am addicted. I look at one family member, say my mother, see her constantly sewing up stuff that never seems to make anything, and I wonder if she's addicted to sewing. It's all a matter of perspective.

    Now, that being said, a TRUE addiction, a CLINICAL addiction is bad, no matter what it is.

    Although, someone addicted to porn, if it is taken away, may resort to getting their sexual frustrations out on real people, which could be bad. That being said, someone may become so desensitized to porn, that they may end up doing that eventually anyways. In the end, porn isn't a problem, people with mental issues are. Porn is just another in a long line of scapegoats.

  • Well of course the obvious major impact it can have is on your social/relationship status. Although I'd say its one of the most harmless addictions, if your in a serious relationship it can really kill things for you. Unless you somehow manage to get into a really easygoing relationship where both people openly love porn. I guess it could work as inspiration. I've heard of lots of couples who use it in that way.

    It all depends on what you're aiming for in that respect though.

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