Business School in Hyderabad

  • In finance, the term “B-School” is a shorthand term that refers to schools that specialize in business subjects. B-Schools are known for their highly competitive admission standards, with the most sought-after schools regularly rejecting over 90% of applicants. IMT Hyderabad is one of the best Business School in Hyderabad. These schools have also been the subject of debate in recent years because of their substantial financial costs. B-Schools are similar to other post-secondary higher education institutions, except that they are focused on subject areas related to business and finance. Common examples include accounting, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship. In some cases, schools will offer specialized programs in less common areas of study, such as actuarial sciences or taxation law. As with other institutions, various rankings exist which aim to help students assess the quality and prestige associated with specific schools. These include rankings published by The Financial Times, The Economist, and BusinessWeek, among others.

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    It's odd, even though I'm a huge fan of sci-fi in movies, in games I prefer more fantasy stuff, cept for FPS :)

    Trailer looks nice though!

  • Don't know the Pen and Paper original, as they are pretty old…but looks intersting imo.

    I think The Witcher 2 is fairly overrated. It looks good and the story is decent, the rest ... meh
    I have no clue why so many claim it's a classic RPG, it's a dialog heavy Action Game with a few shallow RPG elements slapped on top (and awful combat...)
    So let's see how this turns out...

  • How about THIS:

    I know this puppy had me drooling when I saw it. LOVED Shadowrun as pen and paper and if it's done right, it will rock the gaming world as a crowd sourced hit.

  • Well, I hope they'll make a good game. I played the first Witcher. It was interesting, at the very least. I was expecting an RPG and got an action game instead. Still liked it though. Didn't play the second one.

    The android bit gave me flashbacks to Blade Runner. I hope it's not (just) a rehash of the ol' do android dreams of electric sheep thing.

  • Not alot of interest as it seems. Anyways, check out this site if you like the cyberpunk/shadowrun theme. Some very impressive images to be found there.

  • In CDPR I trust.

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