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    A story can make a huge difference in terms of giving the characters a totally different dynamic to the sex, is it straight up lust, a one night stand, love, deceit, jelousy… the same ingredient that turn the so called "cardboard" characters into character we can relate to and feel for.

    BUT... as hzr pointed out, in 3DX building a story around the sex is a huge undertaking often a ton more work than the sex itself, also too much story can definitely kill the sex, sex becomes the side show which defeats the purpose. So it's about balance and for now and for 3DX short and sweet seems to be the right balance in my opinion.

    As for real porn, yeah I don't think I've seen any porn actors that can act... so yeah :D That's actually where 3DX can and will make a big difference, IMHO.

  • It's no novel but most of Blackadders image sets do tell a story without the use of words. Sure the basis is usually just a quick set up for the sex like in a lot of pornos but he usually does a better job of setting the scene then most pornos.

  • As much as I like Blackadder's work, I wouldn't call his shorts as porn with stories, except maybe for The Hole. Everything else really has no plot whatsoever - one scene, no dialog. I think Epoch's works fall more into the story category.

  • I find it funny that some folks jumped from "a story" to "word bubbles ruining the pictures."

    Look at Blackadders work, for example. Without a single word, he's telling you a story, and I think the final result is better for it.

    Personally, though, I find it much more interesting when there's some story-telling going on, even if it does require some words here and there. :P

    (Then again, I enjoy writing a lot, too, and would be happy to do some writing for 3dx if the opportunity arose.)

  • I am always game for a good narrative. Heck, sometimes the best porn I find is actually literature. There are some stories which are more fap worthy than all the porn at Brazzers.

  • Myself, I'm not a huge fan of stories, but the right ones can really add that extra 'oomph' you've been looking for. If you want to see 2 people screwing, just go to a porn site and type 'amateur' into the search bar. I don't really care about plotlines, but if the bare bones of a story have the two people engaging in incest, or a teacher/student thing going on, then its suddenly much hotter.

  • @'Supro':

    Do you enjoy or like your porn to have a story in it? I don't mean just the RL stuff since most of that is pretty cheesy. But also hentai, 3D and written erotica. Do you enjoy read the porn more because of the narrative presented?

    Definitely not. Letters trash drawings, specially those with balloons. I prefer that, if you want to tell a story, better write them below the pics. But, please, not over it!

  • I liked the story in Pirates 2 better than in the actual Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The production values were surprisingly good too.

  • I agree, once you've seen one vagina being penetrated, you've pretty much seen them all, a story helps avoid repetition

  • @stoper, pretty much summed up what I think

  • No story, no fun. That's how it is for me.
    I'm not saying it should be a book quality, but some plot to tie in the sex should be present, to hold my interest.
    There must be some gorgeous actress, or a fetish I want to see, so that I could enjoy a porn movie without a nice plot in it. Some great art, in the case of 3DX. But it never feels complete.

    Without the intriguing story around the sex scene, it's just two(or more) people having sex. And, you know… been there, done that.

  • I would love some story behind it but this is often too much to ask. On real porn its the actors not being good actors (exceptions may apply) and in 3d its tough to create the scenes so you can actually have a good story inside a decent environment. Those things take alot of time to make so its easy to understand why people dont want to create a big ass story around each.

    I still would love to make something of a series inside great looking environments, with an interesting backstory to it. Though I dont think it will really work that well and people might get bored off it, or dont like that theres too much time being spent on doing the filler stuff between the fucking, which instead could have been spent on creating more and better fucking :D Thats really the curse of our genre and the way it takes so much time to produce this stuff. Unlike real porn you need to spend alot more time to make it look good ;)

  • I strongly prefer at least a small element of story in porn of any kind. Even if its something cheesy and as simple as an office setting with a secretary or something along those lines. Though the stories in the Japanese pornos are far too complex and drawn out most of the time so too much story is also a problem.

    I just like the idea that there is some reason for the characters to be having sex even if its unrealistic and cheesy other then just sticking a couple of attarctive people in a room and watching them have sex for the sake of porn.

  • Yeah, I was wondering something along that lines too. Do most prefer feature like stories or gonzo style?

    For live action porn, I generally like the gonzo style, since most porn stars, male and female, can't act. I also remember seeing some behind the scenes footage of porn stars complaining about long lines/script and screwing the take because they screwed up the line.

    For 3DX, bad acting is not a problem. Coming up with a story is though. But I think, most 3DX series nowadays seems to prefer the gonzo approach.

  • Depends on whether the story adds to the eroticism or not (speech bubbles saying things like "take it bitch" dont add anything)

    The only example of a story making a comic better I can think of is a comic called Xenomaze by 2d artist furball, I really didnt see the end of the story/comic coming

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