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  • I try to keep my core characters consistent, although I still tweak and tweak with others. Sometimes I tweak so much that it becomes a new character, so I go with that and retire the old one. The core ones I keep (Six, Jolxea).

  • Usually I make small alterations to my characters when I update them with better morphs every now and again but I try to keep them the same so that people can have a "favourite". I find usually the biggest changes you can make to a character is the hair. You can get one of your characters give them a different hair style and then mess around with 2 or 3 face or body dials and it looks like a completely different character even if it has the same cosmetics and texture set.

    Although I think that major changes half way during a set should be avoided. It's happened in one I'm currently working on where I moved from Daz's in built engine to rendering with reality halfway through. The characters don't look different but the image style does of course (much higher quality). So I feel as If I should go back and re-render the first half but I'm trying to figure out it it would bother people that much.

    In terms of other artist's changing their characters I guess It depends on whether or not you like that particular character and wether or not you think it changed for the better.

  • I think alterations are a good thing. I know I endlessly tweak my fav character's face. Sometimes I end with a distinctively different face, sometimes it still look similar.

    I don't know about other artists, but generally I use dial morphs to shape/mold a series of templates for the body and face. I made several shapes/templates, so I can mix and match between them. My base shapes are made with clothing in mind. V4 Morphs++ can easily be found in most clothes, but S4 morphs generally don't. In the process, I tweak the shapes to see how good they are when posed (with and without clothes). Some morphs tend to look with some pose, so those don't get used much. Extreme sizes often cause problems, so yeah, I generally stay away from dialling them (too much).

    If the shape I end up with look pretty different from my staple, then I save it as preset.

  • I always keep all of my characters the same. I spend many days just thinking up characters. If I need a character to have bigger boobs, I just create a whole new character. I like seeing characters stay the same.

    Once I introduce a character I will keep them :D

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