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  • This reminds me of a post awhile back about where the line is, and my simple answer is that there is no line when it comes to art. There are a great many things I do not want to see in art, and just because I appreciate a certain idea or depiction in art does not mean that I would want to see it in real life, either. It is my choice as an observer to decide what I look at, and my choice as an artist to decide what to create.

    So weather depicting something that would realistically cause serious injury, or actively trying to depict serious injury, it is up to the artist. I guess if there are enough people who want to see the artist's work then it deserves to be seen.

    Actually I think if there was to be a line it would be with depictions of real people, as it could be potentially harmful to them in real life (at least I wouldn't care for people to have free reign with depictions of me :) ).

  • Well put

  • My simple answer is….

    yes, but that doesn't mean I want to see it

  • I think it all comes down to what type of pain. For example things like guro that cause visible damage to the girl's body is in my opinion is quite off putting and generally wrong, but then again I guess that's just because I don't like that genre. So I guess that means this really comes down to a choice of opinion depending on how far your fetishes go. Personally I'd draw the line after smacking since I prefer consensual sex. But I could tolerate a bit of violence before feeling uneasy think.

    A more direct answer to the question would be to say that the artist has control over what they do with their girls and I'm fine with that and respect that, but would personally say that visible damage to the body still sort of crosses the line in the way that it does in real life.

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