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  • @Nephanor - I have that script. Completely forgot about it!

    @Matt - I will give that a shot as well, thanks.

    I did find the Render Pass script, though. Before I left for work, I set the passes. I am sure I can just pull the Specular Pass and add it in Photoshop :D

  • I can think of two ways of doing speculars with IDL.

    You can either tweak the materials or add a distant light set to specular only, but no shadows. I generally use the second approach, mainly since I want to avoid tweaking all materials in the scene (either boost the specular or use reflection). Faster to render too, since it is a cheat.

  • I recommend grabbing the EZSkin 2 script from RDNA, its free and has a function to add wet skin look.

    Here's a link:

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